Friday, 10 February 2017

Tooth Fairy Cushion Tutorial

You will need:

2 FQ's of cotton fabric. 
(One for the front and pocket and a co-ordinating fabric for the back)
We used Michael Miller's Bot Boy and Bot Dot fabric. You can find a great selection on the Sew Scrumptious website.

You can download the tooth fairy cushion pattern for FREE on the Sew Scrumptious website and find a great video tutorial on the Sew Scrumptious You Tube channel.

How to Make:

Print out the pattern or make your own. You need a square approx 17cm x 17cm and a pocket approx 13cm x 9cm. You can make any size that you like.

Cut one large square from each fabric and one pocket piece from the main fabric

Press down half inch at the top of each large square (towards the back of the fabric) then fold back up. This will help you at a later stage.

Making the pocket: 

Fold the pocket in half and pin (Make sure you think about the pattern on the fabric and which bit you want to see on the pocket front). Machine sew down each short edge leaving the long edge open.

Clip the corners 

Turn inside out and press flat

Zig zag along the bottom edge to neaten and prevent fraying.

Press over a small amount towards the back of the pocket to make a crease

Place the pocket face down on the back fabric piece of your cushion making sure that when you fold it up again, it will be central. Pin along the zigzaged edge.

 Machine sew along the pressed crease you made earlier

Fold pocket back up and pin both sides in place 

Machine sew down each side.  

Making the Cushion:
Pin the fabric squares together (pattern sides facing) and sew down one side along the botton and up the other side leaving the top side open.

Clip the corners.

Turn inside out and press.

Press in the top half inch along the lines you pressed earlier.

Fill with stuffing until a nice shape.

Pin the top edges together. Sew all along the top by machine or by hand if you prefer. This can be a bit fiddly. Try and squish the stuffing towards the bottom while you are doing this.

Print off the tooth fairy poem onto card and pop in the pocket.

Wait for the tooth fairy to arrive!

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