Sew Scrumptious have been featured in.....

Craftseller Magazine - April 2015

Sewing World Magazine - Sept 2014

Sewing World magazine - July 2014 

Sewing World Magazine - May 2014

Sewing World Magazine - December 2013

Sewing World Magazine - Oct 2013 

Handmade Magazine - Christmas Edition 2013

Sewing World - August 2013 

 Cloth Magazine - July 2013

Twitter #Wow Award Winner - May 2013


Sewing World Magazine - March 2013


  1. I was so amazed went I read about this Dress a Girl around the world. I life in Cape Town South Africa and would love to be part of this. xxxx Heloise

  2. Amazing ! I live in South Africa (Cape Town) and i was unaware of this GREAT project. I would love to be part of this. xxx Heloise

    1. Heloise -I have no way of contacting you. If you email me through the blog I can reply and give you more info. x


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