Sunday, 29 April 2012

Lets hear it for the boys!

I am sending 150 dresses off to Uganda in May and was asked if we could provide anything for the boys at the school the dresses are going to (all 123 of them!) as it would be lovely for every child to receive something. I said that I would try and get some shorts together for them and have finally got round to making some myself. I have to say that they were surprisingly easy and actually quite enjoyable to make. What do you think? Next time I will definitely try and make the legs a bit narrower I think but not bad for a first effort. You can find the tutorial here

Other people have taken up the challenge too!  These 3 pairs were made by upcycling old tshirts by Cheryl using this tutorial. They look fab!.

The very kind Mo also sent a parcel full of shorts. Some she had upcycled from old pyjamas and t shirts and some outgrown by her son. A great selection. 

The very kind Pamela who often sends dresses has set her sights on achieving our shorts target and sent me 36 pairs of shorts. Yes 36!! Amazing work!!

and also 8 lovely dresses

A big thank you to Nikki's mum who made a gorgeous dress for us. Its a really pretty design.

Patricia (another regular contributor) sent me another 9 beautiful dresses to add to her total

Jo sent two very pretty dresses. Really love the stripy fabric.

Sue made another 3 lovely dresses.

This fabric is so pretty.

These 5 gorgeous dresses came all the way from Sarah in Germany. They all had the cutest little dolls in the pockets. Such a lovely idea.

I also received 17 lovely dresses from Lynsey. These were made by members of the Cleadon Village Methodist Church. A big thank you to everyone involved. 

Total to date is 1314 dresses and 73 pairs of shorts. We still need 50 pairs of shorts by the end of June. Anyone fancy having a go? Age range is 5-14.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Fabulous Claudia!

I have been continuing my theme of cheekily asking celebrities to retweet links to my blog to get more people sewing and making dresses this week. I can't tell you how excited I was when Claudia Winkleman actually did!!

Claudia is an all round comedy genius and former host of Strictly 'It Takes Two' which I absolutely loved. She can also sew apparently (move over Kirsty Allsop there's a new queen of sewing in town!!) I have VERY cheekily suggested that she make a dress but I'm actually just delighted that she took the time to retweet my message and send me a lovely reply. I know that well known people must get so many requests every day so I really appreciate it. The response following her retweet was AMAZING and instant. I can't tell you how many people retweeted the link, followed me, sent me emails wanting to get involved. It makes such a fantastic difference and hopefully lots more girls living in developing countries will be wearing dresses thanks to Claudia and Twitter. Thank you!!

I've received some lovely packages of dresses this week. This one actually made me cry a little bit. The 1st Parbold and Datton Guides made some dresses and were awarded a volunteering badge for doing so. Look! How completely brilliant.

These are their 14 gorgeous dresses. Not only that but they all designed cards to send with the dresses with messages to the girls who might receive them. Well done girls. What a fantastic effort.

I received 8 beautiful dresses from Aoife In Dublin. All so pretty. The sun actually came out so up they went on the washing line for a photo! I need some new inspiration on how to photograph all the dresses.

This gorgeous dress came from Caroline. I haven't been able to work out how to contact Caroline to say thank you (its probably me being dense!) so if you are reading this Caroline please get in touch with your contact details. Love the fabrics you have used!

The lovely Auriol sent another 2 dresses for the appeal made from the cutest spotty fabric.

I was lucky enough to meet the very kind Kate who is a friend of my sister in law when she dropped off 6 dresses at my house. 2 of each of the dresses below. They are so pretty. Love the vintage fabric.

and I received another pair of shorts which will be off to Uganda at the end of May with some dresses. We have about 65 pairs at the moment but probably need another 65 if every boy is to receive something. I actually made a pair today and I promise they are not too difficult. I'll post a photo tomorrow. These lovely shorts are from Kath who has a gorgeous fabric website called Sew La La. Don't look or you will seriously not be able to stop yourself buying something!

We also had a mention on this lovely WI website. I want to join a WI. Never thought I'd hear myself saying that but look at how cool the website is.

I made some bibs for a work colleague a while ago when she went off on maternity leave. Look at how cute her baby girl is. Absolutely beautiful! The perfect model for my bib I think.

and I finally got round to posting off my package for NoodleBubbles button swap. My other half  just doesn't get this at all. He can't understand why two adults would choose to send each other 50 buttons. Its clearly a girl thing as I love getting parcels in the post! These are the 50 buttons I received.

and this is what I sent. Couldn't resist making a little button pouch for them to go in!

The total dresses received so far is 1269.

Monday, 16 April 2012

The best birthday EVER!

It was my birthday on Friday and I had such an amazing day. My other half surpassed himself this year! He only went and booked me on a week-end free machine embroidery course with Louisa Gardiner. She is the most amazing textile artist and was featured on Kirsties Homemade Home programme. Kirsty described it as the 'crack cocaine' of sewing! I blogged about her here after seeing some of her work in a hospital of all places! Check out her website here and blog here. So inspiring.

Not only am I going to the workshop but its being held at the Bedruthan Steps Hotel in Cornwall which is by all accounts THE most gorgeous family friendly hotel complete with Spa and beautiful restaurant. The whole family is going for 3 nights! I am SOOOOO excited. Well done Jon!!

My lovely mum and dad also gave me a fabulous present. A place on a lampshade making course with Quincy Lampshades. This is a local one day course and I am really excited about it. I just need to pick which fabric I want to use so I can make something as fabulous as this.

You can see the Quincy Lampshades blog here and they also has a facebook page here.

To top it off Jon had also arranged a surprise drinks and curry night out with some friends which was a complete surprise to me.

Two of my very talented friends Laura and Elena decided to surprise me with a 'Sew Scrumptious' sewing themed cake complete with pins, scissors, buttons, fabric and even a cotton reel with my blog name on made out of icing. I Know!! Genius!!

It really was amazing. I nearly cried when they bought it out. I was so amazed that they had gone to so much trouble. It was a fantastic night and a great birthday. Just what I needed after two weeks of feeling ill over Easter. Thanks everyone.

To share the love around I've finally got round to picking the winner of this months Pinterest Challenge and and also the winners of the La La Loopsy DVDS from my giveaway earlier this month.

The lovely Kerry who blogs as My Love Bumps very kindly donated this months Pinterest prize. A fab Scrabble related prize which includes Scrabble Fridge Magnets, A Scrabble Mug and a Scrabble tea towel. So cute!

and the winner (chosen at random) is Lulastic and her fabulous duck hat!! Well done!!

The 3 winners of the Lalaloopsy DVD's are MoodyCatCrafts, Caroline and Lisa. You will all win...

Enjoy your prizes!

Sunday, 8 April 2012

The lurgy returns

Its been a bit quiet here as we have all had the lurgy. It always happens in the run up to Easter or Christmas. One or more of us gets ill. This time it has been Izzy and I. I have really enjoyed watching all the fab entries for this months Pinterest Challenge come in but have just not had the energy to blog very much. I'm starting to feel a bit better now so thought I'd better get myself going again.

So are you ready for a laugh? Want to see me and my friends at our glamorous best?? I'm at the back holding the loaf of bread.

Year One mums making sandwiches last week for the school 'movies and munchies' fundraiser. We don't normally wear this I have to say, we just put it on to surprise and wind up another member of the sandwich making team!

150 rounds of sandwiches later and we were done!

We don't always look like that honest. Sometimes we even get to go out looking normal. We went to a murder mystery night last week which was amazing (and I was very sceptical!). Really good fun. Clearly I had no idea who 'dunnit' especially after 4 large glasses of wine but it was really good fun questioning the so called 'guests' at the 'wedding' and trying to work out who was guilty.

If my leg looks a bit funny in the photo above its because I had to wedge my broken toe into a pair of shoes.  It was agony but it was that or wear wellies! The wine worked wonders painwise!!

Lots of lovely dresses have been arriving over the last week.

Two beautiful dresses from Clare at Devon Red.

3 fabulous pairs of shorts from @AniAur on Twitter. These will be off to Uganda soon.

35 fabulous dresses and 14 pairs of shorts from the lovely Dina and her friend Cyndy. An amazing parcel to receive.

Four more beautiful dresses from the very kind Fi who blogs at Love Alfie

More fabulous dresses (18!) from Pat who very kindly took some photos for me too. Thanks Pat. Appreciate it.

10 lovely dresses from the Westerfield Stitchers. A huge thanks to all invoved.

and finally 8 fabulous dresses from the very kind Nic of Nicsknots who made these dresses with her sewing group. I really appreciate it guys. Nic has a lovely blog too.

So many lovely dresses and our total is now 1238 dresses and 25 pairs of shorts. We deperately need more shorts to go to Uganda in May if anybody can help. I will be making some soon!

Celebrity Twitter stalking has been going well. Lots of lovely retweets this week from Emma Freud (as in Comic Relief founder Emma Freud!), Emma Forbes who gave me some fabulous contacts and Louise Mensch MP. Thank you lovely people. Kirsty Allsop and Gok Wan I'm coming to get you!!

and when we got home a plant I inherited decided to do this! So gorgeous. Spring really is here

 It must be Spring. I have new wellies (a rather lovely Mothers Day pressie)

but not as lovely as my Hama bead picture and hand drawn card. I was a bit worried as Jon and Sam appear to be in prison while Izzy and I float on a multi coloured sea but I was reliably informed that Jon and Sam are actually playing football whilst we are on the rainbow slide at Puzton Park (a softplay near where we live). Phew!