Sunday, 29 January 2012

Check out my new gadget!

I actually had time to have a go with a new gadget I acquired this week-end. This was a treat to myself from John Lewis. A kit for adding poppers/eyelets etc. In the past I have always had to hammer on poppers which is really frustrating as I usually end up finishing things late at night and have to go on a hunt for the hammer! Its also noisy and generally inconvenient. Well not any more! Now I use my fancy new tool and with one squeeze, the popper is attached. I love it already.

The kit also lets you attach eyelets. The last time I tried to put in an eyelet I broke the tool and it was a complete disaster. This time it worked perfectly at the first attempt. I am so excited!

Izzy was also very excited as she managed to sew on a button all by herself. She even threaded the needle herself and didn't have any help at all with the button. I was so proud of her!


I went to a vintage flea market this morning with my friend Debi. I wasn't sure what to expect but it was great. I was quite restrained but couldn't resist this lovely piece of fabric. Its so pretty. Its much more blue than in the photo and I think I might make a skirt for Izzy out of it.

Some lovely ribbon

Some bias binding for dresses

Some doilies. If you look at my Pinterest page you will see why!

Some old postcards for a project Izzy is doing on Isambard Kingdom Brunel

and a lovely skirt which I thought was really old and vintage until I looked at the label and it said Per Una!! It was only £3.50 though so I bought it anyway. Its really pretty

Some lovely new pillowcase dresses arrived this week. The third parcel of dresses from the very kind Pauline. 20 dresses all as pretty as ever in a range of sizes and colours. Gorgeous!

and another 40 dresses from Jo who has sent literally hundreds of dresses. I don't know how she does it!! Again all of the dresses are absolutely beautiful with lovely pockets and little details. Such a treat opening these two parcels. I have learnt so much too from all your different ideas. You can find Jo's blog here

Don't forget you can still enter my giveaway here to win £50 of Experience Day vouchers to spend as you choose and if you like my blog please can you vote for me for Sewing Blog of the year here. A chance to win some fabric to make more dresses!! 

Forgot to mention that 250 dresses were collected today to start their journey to Malawi. I'm going in to a local college soon to talk to the textiles students about getting involved in making dresses and I'm having my first pillowcase dress workshop with the #Pinaddicts team in March. Exciting times ahead!!

Monday, 23 January 2012

Sewing Stuff............

Great news! I think I have found someone who can take 250 dresses to Malawi!! I'm just finalizing the details and hopefully I can give more detail soon. I have also found someone who can take some dresses to India later in the year. This is brilliant news as it was really important to me to get your dresses out to girls who need them as soon as possible. After debating the best way of transporting 250 dresses, someone gave me the idea of putting them in the bags that duvets come back from the launderette in. Perfect! This is what 250 dresses in launderette bags looks like...

I sort of rolled the dresses and put them inside as hopefully they will get less creased that way.

A few little labels to go with them

The other great news is that there has been a MASSIVE response to the pillowcase dress appeal over the last few weeks helped a lot by some mentions in Simply Homemade Magazine and also Craftseller magazine. So many lovely people have been in touch by email and via facebook. We have so many dresses promised and lots of schools, guide groups and sewing groups are wanting to get involved. Its very exciting!!

More lovely dresses are arriving every day including these two from the lovely Sue.

I love the little pocket with the matching button

and a pretty pink number

with the prettiest bias binding

and I also received 7 lovely dresses from the very kind Pam. Pam's dresses were made in memory of her daughter Samantha who very sadly passed away last year. Pam told me that Samantha actively supported several charities so I am very honoured to be able to accept the dresses in her memory. Thank you Pam.

I love the little frill on this pretty blue dress

2 lovely yellow dresses with pretty lace trimmings

2 gorgeous floral dresses. I love the ric rac detail at the bottom

and 2 pretty blue dresses

I just LOVE the retro looking fabric used in this dress. Gorgeous!

Cath Kidston had a sale last week and I couldn't resist a couple of metres of oilcloth as it was reduced from £20 metre to £6 metre! So any ideas on what I should make? I have an idea for the Pinterest challenge already but need some new inspiration too if anyone has any ideas?

I admired a rather gorgeous Hello Kitty fabric on the very lovely SewJustineSew blog and Justine very kindly decided to send me some! Thank you so much.The fabric is so pretty. Izzy already has her eye on it.

Sam got a new big boy car seat at the week-end and I ended up buying this seat belt cover for him as it was £1 in the sale along with a little 'Cars' cushion.

Of course once Izzy spotted it she wanted one too so I ended up making one which I was actually pretty pleased with. It only took 10 minutes. I love this fabric. Its from fabricland and was in a FQ bundle I bought for £3

Its got a layer of wadding in the middle to make it padded and its finished off with velcro. A perfect little make if you haven't got much time.

I also acquired a couple of new books last week. These two 'business' books which are really good. You can see a review on the Sewing Directory website I noticed today. They are also giving some copies away soon so go and have a look at their website for more details (and while you are there vote for me in the 'Best Sewing Blog' competition here!!) The others I bought with some tokens I received for Christmas. Haven't had chance for a proper read yet though.

and finally I attended my first ever Quilters group on Friday. It was great. There were so many people there who obviously knew their quilting and sewing. There was a very interesting speaker but best of all I was probably the youngest there by about 20 years. It was great and I am going to hang out there all the time now. I feel so young!! Another perk was the fabric sale they had for charity. It would have been rude to go home empty handed!!

 Phew - that was a long post. Thanks for getting to the end with me! Don't forget my giveaway too. A £50 experience day voucher for the winner to spend on whatever you like. More details here.