Sunday, 27 November 2011

Fabulous 500!!

Another 25 dresses arrived this week taking the total to a fabulous 500!! An amazing achievement from all of my lovely sewing buddies. Thank you everyone. As the sun actually came out for 5 minutes I made the most of it and put them up on the washing line for a photo.Don't they look pretty?

I received another 21 dresses from the lovely Pauline. This is her second batch of dresses. You can see the first dresses here. These were just as lovely...

All with beautiful little details

Some gorgeous fabrics

Sweet little pockets

So pretty

The next four dresses were from Hilary who has a lovely blog called Lemon Loves. These dresses were gorgeous too. Such pretty colours and patterns

I love the blue roses.

and the ric rac trim on this dress.

Thanks Pauline and Hilary. So far 250 dresses have been sent abroad or are going in the New Year. My next task is to get the next 250 to girls who need them. I'm working on it!!

Its been a busy week-end. My friends and I were responsible for running the cake stall at Izzy's school Christmas Fayre on Saturday. Its the first time we have done it so it was a bit scary. We were very lucky that my lovely friend Laura was in charge of organising us (think Monica from Friends when she was organising Phoebes wedding!). Laura planned and baked like a maniac all week so the stall looked absolutely fantastic. She had great ideas like marshmallow cake pops, star wands and bags of shortbread biscuits which went down very well. We iced the cupcakes on Friday night over a couple of bottles of wine. Lets just say some of the cakes were discarded in the morning and there was a lot of icing on the floor of my kitchen! We had a great time though and took a fantastic £300 on the day which is amazing. Look she even made us wear matching aprons (We love you Laura!) 


and the best thing was that we sold every single cake. There was not a crumb left at the end of the fayre!!

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Star of the week

Izzy was 'Star of the Week' at school and bought this lovely certificate home on Friday. I was so proud! It also meant we had to entertain 'Fred the Ted' for the week-end. This involves looking after the year one teddy bear and taking it everywhere you go over the weekend. You have to take photos and write a diary to send back in to school on Monday.

Pictures like this one. Its taken me hours to finish! Not sure I was the one supposed to be doing it though!!

I'd like to pass on a Star of the Week Award too! Mine would go to Wipso and Twiglet (AKA Jo and Annie) for their continued support and another fantastic parcel of dresses. They have quite literally made hundreds now for 'Dress a Girl UK' and I am so grateful. Here are the latest batch of 37 dresses. All absolutely gorgeous. Each dress has its own little detail to make it pretty and unique. I never fail to be amazed by how beautiful they all are and how well made too...

They also sent a little something for the boys but more of that later in the week!!

Thanks guys. It is much appreciated and takes the total to 475 dresses!!

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

I've started my search for fun little presents for Izzy and Sam's Christmas Stockings and have come across some gorgeous things on the internet which I thought I would share. Can you believe that all of the lovely things below are £5 or under!!

My top picks so far are..

Pretty Compact Mirror from Jenny Arnott Textiles (£2.75). Perfect for a little (or big!) girl

I was also really tempted by her beautiful butterfly badges too at £5

I love this Personalised Rockets Storage Bag from Becca Bugs (£5.00) Its so nice to find something lovely for boys and you can even have a name embroidered on the fabric label!

This Personalised Door Plaque from Handmade Gift shop (£4.50) is so pretty. They do gorgeous ones for boys too.

I love this Gardening Set from Creative Cotton Bags (£4.99). Such a great idea. You just need to add a packet of seeds and off you go.

I also love this Baking Set again from Creative Cotton Bags (£4.99). Such a pretty bag and a great idea for budding Nigellas!!

We love making things in this house so a Make Your Own Cupcake Trinket Box from Find Me A Gift (£2.99) would go down very well. We also like Trinkets!!

These Dinosaur Crayons from Colour Me Fun (£3.50) will be in Sam's stocking this year! They are already on their way. Such a great idea and such a cute little bag to keep them in! I also bought Izzy some Love Heart ones.

I was very tempted by these Name Crayons too also from Colour Me Fun £4.00
I am completely in awe of the beautiful things in the next shop and was so pleased to find an Embroidered Lion Bookmark from Fiona T (£4.50) that I could add to my list. Amazing free hand embroidery. Gorgeous!

These little First Sewing Kits for Children by Oakapple & Rose (£4.50) are fab! Perfect for learning and practicing your stitches. I started sewing on Binca fabric like this but only today realised that was what it was called!

These Bag Charms/Keyrings are so beautiful from Oh Sew Lovely (£5.00). I love the colours. Check out the Oh Sew Lovely facebook page for lots more gorgeous things. Wish I had made these as they are so pretty!

This Spiral Pets Paper Craft Kit from Find Me A Gift (£1.99) is great too. I used to make things like this all the time when I was little. Wonder if my children will have the patience to spend hours making things like I did?

We also like making jewellery so this Rainbow Bead Jewellery Making Kit from Find Me A Gift (£4.99) would be a perfect little present. Love those strawberry beads!

I found this cute little Boys Vehicle Apron at Posy Sews (£5.00). Perfect for keeping little boys clean and tidy (well I can dream!).

I also discovered another new shop today which had some great little present ideas. I like this Princess and the Frog Magnetic Tic Tac Toe Set from Tickseed (£2.50). Perfect for in the car.

I'm a big fan of the Flowerpress also from Tickseed (£4.50). I have pressed a flower from Izzy every year on Mothers Day so far and Izzy loves looking back at them now and remembering the flowers she gave me.

This Childs Personalised Bracelet from Jewellery by Tracy Stevenson (£3.75) is really pretty and I know lots of little girls who would be very happy to get one!

Sew Scrumptious boys purse (£4.00)
Thought I would blow my own trumpet and put a couple of my little boys purses in too! I only have 5 left now as they have been really popular this year. They are all lined with gingham or spotty fabric and I'll even throw in some chocolate coins too. Just email me if interested!

These little Miniature Wooden Matchbox Sets from Tickseed are so cute and only 60p!!! No I can't believe it either!!

All girls like pretty Hair Clips and these are super cute from Maybe Daisy (£3.00). Love all the different colours. Really great for slightly older girls (and grown ups!) too.

and finally the sweetest little Finger Puppets from With Hugs and Kisses (£2.49 each). So sweet!

Phew! Well thats it. I just need to work out who I have to buy for and what I need to order now. The lovely people at Find Me A Gift have also very kindly offered a 10% discount to anyone ordering from them in November. Check out their Christmas gifts. You just need to use the following code CHRISTMASGIFTS10 
Happy Shopping!!