Thursday, 30 June 2011

80 dresses ready to go

Another 4 dresses arrived yesterday which takes the total now to 80 dresses!!

The first was from the lovely Ceri who has a gorgeous blog called Inspired by Felix. A lovely dress in browns and oranges.

With pretty orange ties and beads. Ceri like me was inspired to use beads by the dresses from Leanne at Leanne Woods Designs. Its such a great idea.

and three dresses from the lovely Kayomi who has a lovely folksy shop here selling goregous bags and purses. The first dress is made from a pretty spotty fabric with gorgeous handmade bias binding and ties.

and a very pretty butterfly detail.

I love the fabric on the second dress with its leaves, birds and seed heads.

This one has spotty ties and is finished off with a cute little bow and button detail.

The third is a very pretty delicate blue floral fabric with co-ordinating spotty blue binding and and ties

  and another pretty butterfly.

Gorgeous! Thanks ladies.

Talking of butterflies....we discovered a gorgeous Butterfly House called The Butterfly Effect last week not far from where we live. Izzy had an inset day so we went to have a look round. It was lovely. Very quiet and full of pretty butterflies.

They give you a sheet so you can spot and identify what you see.

We saw lots!

This is the giant Atlas moth!

These are all cocoons waiting to be hatched

They even had terrapins too which we were allowed to feed.

Izzy has now decided to have her birthday party here. You are only allowed small groups so as there will be a maximum of about 9 children (all girls) I have decided to make some party bags myself this year with some gorgeous fabric I have just found on the Fabric Addict website.

So should I do little bags with handles or a little drawstring bag? Can't quite decide? What do you think?

Monday, 27 June 2011

Introducing Molly, the next Cath Kidston?

My lovely niece Molly has just received a sewing machine for her 11th birthday which she bought to show me when she visited recently. I had visions of giving her lots of advice about sewing but she clearly doesn't need any help from me. She is amazing!! She had already mastered a lined book bag which had no visible seams (its taken me about 20 years to work out how to make one of those!). She had also designed and made her own shoulder bag AND a top for herself. I was so impressed.

We've already decided that a trip to a fabric shop is in order next time she visits along with grandma and Izzy. I can't wait! Her two lovely sisters Daisy and Tess also visited and the children had great fun in Grandma's garden.

Anyone got any good suggestions re sewing books/blogs that Molly might like? Most of my books are based around making things for young children or grown ups rather than teenagers. Need to find some funky things for Molly to try out. Thought of this one

I clearly need to get Molly making pillowcase dresses though! (Molly there is a great tutorial here if you are interested??)

Talking of pillowcase dresses....another 6 arrived today taking the total to 76 dresses.

The first dress was from Lorelai who I came across via Twitter. She has a lovely blog called Patterned Hearts. Her dress was made from a lovely floral fabric with white ties

A gorgeous parcel also arrived from Emer in Ireland containing 5 dresses! You can find her lovely blog here. Dress one was a lovely blue and white fabric with fab spotty handmade bias binding ties

Dress two, a very pretty vibrant orange and pink fabric again with spotty ties.

Dresses three and four were made from very pretty shimmery silk fabrics.

and dress five was pink with fairies all around. A perfect combination for a little girl!!

Thank you Lorelai and Emer. They are all gorgeous. x

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Off to Malawi

Not me but 50 dresses!! A friend put me in touch with a local retired GP who is off to Malawi in July. He and a group of friends visit each year to help out and take over with them whatever they can for the villages and schools they support. They have offered to take 50 dresses with them to distribute to girls in need (if they can fit them in their baggage allowance!). This is fantastic as we will find out exactly where the dresses are going, hopefully be able to see some photos of the girls wearing them and generally find out more about the lives of the girls that are receiving them. More info to follow...

A huge thank you to Karen who sent 5 beautiful dresses over from Ireland for the appeal taking the total to a sensational seventy!! They are all absolutely gorgeous. Karen has a lovely blog called 4 Lil Girls which you can find here. Its well worth checking out.

Dress one is made from a pretty pink rose fabric with lovely contrasting hand made bias binding ties and a band at the bottom.

It also has very pretty ric rac around the bottom

Dress 2 is made from a sweet little butterfly fabric

again finished off with contrasting band, ties and ric rac.

Dress 3 is made from the rose fabric but this time in a lovely purple.

 Love this colour combination

In fact I love all the fabrics that Karen has used. I especially like the lime green bias binding and ties on dress 4. Its such a great idea using it as a band along the top too. Will have to try that idea on my next dress.

 It looks great against the purple fabric

and last but certainly not least dress 5. A pink version of this fabric which is covered in balloons and party hats. So pretty.

and I was very lucky because Karen also VERY kindly sent me this beautiful bag with the dresses. It is absolutely gorgeous and I love it!

It is beautifully made and just look inside...

Co-ordinating lining and pockets. Karen you are very clever and very generous. Thank you so much!

Here I am trying to take a cool shot of myself with the bag whilst showing off my new haircut and highlights!!

It didn't really work as a shot did it?? I couldn't take a proper photo of me though as I have a dreadful cold at the moment and feel awful. I thought the shock of seeing my horrible red puffy eyes and streaming nose would probably be too much for you on a Sunday evening.

I also want to say a huge thank you to the lovely Jan and her mum Betty from the Lemonade Kitty blog who sent me a cheque for £15 to put towards the cost of posting the dresses to America. The money was sent in memory of Jan's lovely dad Peter who she tells me was very kind and generous and would have loved what the charity is trying to achieve with the dresses. I am very honoured to have been sent this money in Peter's name and will be using it to make sure that every single dress gets sent to the charity in America or other places in the world where they are needed. Thank you for such a lovely gesture!

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Paying it forward

Some more lovely dresses arrived today. The first parcel was from Georgia who has a lovely blog called Little Blue Mouse which I have just discovered.

Georgia made two dresses. The first for a younger girl in this really pretty flower fabric.

I love the green handmade bias binding which co-ordinates really well with the fabric.

Georgia also made a larger dress for an older girl which is great as the majority of dresses (including my own) have been for younger children. Its  fantastic to be able to send a variety of sizes. This one is a very pretty blue floral fabric.

This also has handmade bias binding ties. (You would never guess that this was once a duvet cover!) Its so pretty.

Parcel number two was from Steph who has a lovely website called Mad Mummy Designs. Another beautiful dress. This time in a fresh green colour with gorgeous pink polka dot ties.

I love having the tie as a big bow on one side. Lovely.

and check out the gorgeous ruffle at the bottom. (More ideas to borrow!)

Steph was also very kind as she sent me some fabric I had once admired on one of my older posts. I've decided to make myself a skirt out of it as someone has already made a pillowcase dress from the same fabric. I'd like to pay the kindness forward though so I'll make another pillowcase dress from a different fabric as a kind of thank you to Steph.

Steph also very kindly sent me this beautiful card. A cut out sewing machine which is personalised with Sew Scrumptious. It is absolutely gorgeous. I've just taken a photo which is now my new facebook picture. You can see it here. Thank you Georgia and Steph. What lovely parcels to receive!

Talking of paying it forward I have been so lucky with all the kindness shown by fellow bloggers recently that I thought I should do something for someone else too. I stumbled upon a blog called Diary of a Tinyholder. Sian is asking people to make and send bunting triangles for her sisters wedding which she will turn into wedding bunting so I thought I would send a few. They have to be white or pastel colours. I did the quick easy cheats version which was to only hem the top and use pinking shears around the other 2 edges. What do you think?

Can't wait to see the finished bunting.