Friday, 24 December 2010

Fun in the snow

I meant to post some photos of our Centre Parcs holiday last week. It was pretty snowy!

This is Izzy, Sam and I with my sister in law, her husband and Izzy's cousin Isla

The kids had a great time in the snow

The girls especially loved their fairy workshop making wings, wands and crowns. What a great end to the year.

Happy Christmas everyone. Hope you all have a lovely holiday!

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Sucessful in my failure!

I thought I should have a little recap at last years resolutions to see how I got on..... I appear to have been very successful (that is successful in my failure to actually achieve any of the things I set out to do!). Lets have a more detailed look at them shall we...

1) I set myself a new blog challenge to make an item of childrens clothes each month.
I achieved January's skirt which was actually quite a success but then gave up and didn't make any other clothes for the rest of the year. FAIL

2) Get into Twitter.
I just can't be bothered! Its bad enough keeping up with blogging and facebook and emails etc. I just don't see the point of letting everyone know every time I have a cup of tea. Having said that I did use Twitter to stalk contact the singer of a band that I love and he tweeted back. On the whole though I would say a big fat FAIL.

3) Get Fit
Ha ha. I did Zumba once and realised that without copious amounts of alcohol I have absolutely no rythum. It was not pretty. FAIL

4) Cook a new recipe each week.
I hate cooking. I did not cook a new recipe each week. I'm not sure I've cooked  a new recipe all year.

5) Make more effort
We had a few nights out and went to the cinema once but generally it didn't really happen. I also forgot our tenth annivesary. Oh dear. Another FAIL

6) Be fun mummy instead of grumpy mummy.
I come home from work each day just as Izzy finishes school. I always have this little plan in my head of all the fun that we are going to have. The minute my childminder leaves the house Izzy seems to turn into a raging maniac demanding food and refusing to talk to me unless its shouting at me for food. My patience usually last about 3.5 minutes. I'm not sure my children would describe me as a 'fun' mummy. FAIL

7) Show my garden some love
Very neglected this year generally and clearly its much too cold to venture outside at the moment. FAIL

8) Learn to love my sewing machine
Not really. We kind of tolerate each other. I think it needs a service but I'm too lazy to organise it. FAIL

9) Go to bed early
I appear to be physically unable to go to bed early. I am a night bird which doesn't go well with having 2 small children. FAIL

10) Do more Random Acts of Kindness
I think I did some random acts of kindness during the year. I really did try - only I can't actually remember any of them. FAIL

However on a more positive note - I have started a new job this year and managed to blag my way through it without being sacked! I've run a 10 week training course for volunteers when my worst nightmare is standing up talking in front of people and I have conquered my fear of driving by having to drive for my new job so on the whole I'm pretty proud of my achievements this year. My Sew Scrumptious things are also being stocked in a local shop and are selling really well. So what are you most proud of this year??

Friday, 17 December 2010

What a lovely package

I received my Christmas Decoration swap parcel from Beatrice of Frogs and Sprogs yesterday all the way from sunny Spain (wouldn't you just love to be in sunny Spain right now!!) It was gorgeous and all beautifully wrapped.....

First there was a lovely handmade Christmas Card.

and some really lovely little fabric parcels to hang on the tree. These really are gorgeous and are such a great idea. Apologies for the dark photos which really don't do them justice. I am hopefully getting a new camera for Christmas so the quality of my photos may improve!

We hung them on tree straight away

I also received some Spanish treats which are traditionally eaten at Christmas. We are off to Centre Parcs for the week-end so these are coming with us to share out. Hope we don;t get snowed in!

Thanks so much Beatrice. I loved my parcel of goodies and it was lots of fun organising the swap.

I've finally remembered to pick a winner for the signed Ant and Dec photo. Jackie is the lucky winner. Well done Jackie. If you let me know your details I'll pop it in the post to you. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

In the doghouse!

Oh dear. I am in the doghouse. I forgot it was our 10 year anniversary today. Jon bought me a lovely orchid and card and I got him........nothing. Not good. Any suggestions on how to make up for my complete rubbishness??!!

On a lighter note a lovely new shop has just opened in the town where I live and they are going to stock my things. Hurrah!! Its called trixybelle. It sells good quality pre loved items of childrens clothing and baby equipment and also stocks brand new childrens accessories and toys. Its beautifully fitted out and feels like a little boutique shop. It has a gorgeous window display and I think its going to be really popular. 

I made myself a little pouch for all my sewing machine accessories the other day. I'm quite pleased with it and I love the fabric. Going to have to buy some more I think.

I've finally listed all of my little sewing kits on folksy. Perfect for a present for a crafty friend! They woud also be good as a travel kit, a childs first sewing kit or for a student going off to Uni.

and finally a picture of the Christmas cow. She was fantastic!

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Heres one I made earlier

These are the things I made for the Christmas Decoration Swap. I was matched with Beatrice of Frogs and Sprogs. Beatrice has had quite a year giving birth to baby Joshua at only 27 weeks while on holiday in Spain where they are still living now!

I decided that Joshua should have his very own decoration for his first Christmas so made him a little Christmas stocking for the tree with his initial on. I hope he likes it...

He also has a big brother so it was only fair that I made him one too. His is filled with little chocolates and I finally got to use some little bells that I had been hoarding for ages!

I had seen some fabric Christmas wreaths on a couple of blogs and really wanted to give it a try so here is my attempt. I'm not sure whether it worked or not? What do you think? It was lots of fun to make and really easy. I used an embroidery hoop as the base for it and simply tied on lots of fabric strips.

It was finished off with some ribbon and little bells.

I also made a little box of chocolates to hang on the tree with some cute Christmas card. Its filled with mini  chocolate snowmen. This is also very easy to make and you can find the pattern here.

and finally some lovely festive chocolates.

Happy Christmas Beatrice. I hope 2011 is a bit less stressful for you all!

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

What to buy a fabric addict?

What a great idea from Seamstar - gorgeous fabric hampers. This one is now on my Christmas present list.

You can choose from different fabric themes. There is a small size - you get 6 different pieces of fabric and
15 meters of ribbon or a medium size - you get 12 different pieces of fabric (each measures 50cmx55cm so 3meters overall); and 24 meters of ribbon. They are sent in a rigid, crisp white, presentation box with magnetic closure lid. The contents are wrapped in tissue paper and the box tied with lovely satin edged organza ribbon with a Christmas trim.

How gorgeous are they? What a fantastic idea. I want one!!

I also came across this lovely print from Steph says Hello on Folksy (only please don't buy it as there is only one in stock and I want it for Christmas!!). Check out her folksy shop for more gorgeous prints.

My last personalised apron of the year was finished tonight. On its way to Phoebe. Hope she likes it....

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Ant and Dec giveaway

Are you sad that 'I'm a Celebrity' has finished? Are you missing your fix of cheeky chappies Ant and Dec? Well you need to enter my giveaway.....................

Remember my slight obsession with celebrity stalking last year? See here and here. Some of you will remember that I emailed Ant and Dec for an signed photo for my mums 70 presents challenge, well 6 months later they sent me a signed photo which was fab and caused much merriment! Yesterday they sent me another one!!! Well there are only so many pictures of Ant and Dec that a girl can handle so I've decided to give it away. If you want the photo just leave me a comment and tell me why and I'll choose a winner next weekend (11 December). It could be with you by Christmas!!

Good luck

Friday, 3 December 2010

A personalised message from Santa

If you have young children you should try this link.

You can make them a personalised video from Father Christmas. Santa will email them with a link to a video of him talking to them using their name and details about them. You can even upload photos so that when he opens their 'file' they see a photo of themselves! Its great. Izzy and Sam absolutely loved their videos.

Thursday, 2 December 2010


Need a Christmas pressie for a gardener? Then check out these fab seedboms!

They are like little hand grenades full of seeds. You just literally chuck them in the garden and they turn into beautiful flowers. What I also love about them is that they are handmade in the UK from recycled, biodegradable, eco-friendly materials. Its just such a great idea. I bought some last year for Jon's dad. Each pack of 4 seedboms contains easy to grow flower seed varieties:Native wildflower mix, Nasturtium Peach melba, Cornfield annual mix and Sunflower incredible.

This year they are also doing a special limited edition Noway Spruce Christmas tree. 

Get them while stocks last from Kabloom

What is also great is that some people buy them and simply throw them on pieces of urban waste land to brighten it up. It called Guerrilla Gardening. Check it out here. Love it!