Wednesday, 30 June 2010

The Incurable Optimist

Last year I did a craft market with my friend Vicky and a friend of hers Kathy. Kathy made the most gorgeous textiles and we chatted about our mutual obsession with fabric. She bought one of my baking bags and I have one of her gorgeous little fabric boats hanging in Sam's room. I was really sad to hear some time later from my friend that her husband had been diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease. Today I stumbled across a blog that her husband has started called Patrick the incurable optimist. Patrick has set himself the challenge of painting 100 portraits of people that have inspired him before he loses his battle with Motor Neurone Disease. He was mentioned today on ITV's Loose Women and you can find out more about his story by watching his video.

Truly inspirational....

Friday, 25 June 2010

Free Moo Cards

I've been toying with the idea of getting Moo cards for a while. Last night I found out that Moo are offering 50 free cards at the moment - you just pay for the postage. The only catch is that they have Moo advertising on them at the bottom offering a 15% discount on Moo Cards. If you are interested have a look here. Ideally I would have used lots of images of the things that I make but I really need to update my photos so I went with some of Moo's designs this time round

Will let you know what they are like....

Wednesday, 23 June 2010


Jon's sister had twins this week. The much debated third baby turned out to be babies number 3 and 4!! How we laughed when we heard (and quickly decided never to think about a third baby!). His sister did amazingly well as both babies (a boy and a girl) were over 6lb and are completely gorgeous. I had a look on folksy as usual for a lovely gift and came across a lovely shop called Milly Molly Morley. I eventually decided on 2 little babygro's in one of their gift boxes which will be sent direct with a little tag.

I absolutely love this one too. Milly Molly Morley also have a shop on ebay

I hope they like them. I'm working on some bibs and buggy blankets to send too.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Crafts 2 fly 4

Its official - 'crafts 2 fly 4' is the official name of the craft market at the Kite Festival this year (Haptree I think this was your suggestion so please let me know your address and I'll send you a little something!). We are now open for bookings from potential stall holders so if you know anyone who might like a stall please get them to email me so I can send them details. We are really excited and hope that the craft market will become a regular event. I will be having a stall too so if anyone fancies coming along to say hi then I look forward to meeting you. Its a really lovely family friendly event (with beer tent!) and this year as well as the usual free kite making workshops we hope to be doing some craft workshops for children too...

Last year I was really impressed by this amazing inflatable coral reef which was designed and sewn by a lady called Anne Harris who makes giant inflatables for a living. You could walk through it and it was absolutely amazing inside full of detail. Its used to educate children about the environment and also to raise money for a childrens charity set up by Anne. I'm hoping it will be back again this year. Not sure how yo get that lot under your sewing machine foot!

Had a lovely day today at the local Donkey Derby. Izzy got to ride a donkey and we ate lots of ice cream in the sunshine. Doesn't get much better than that!

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Lovely fabric

I received my lovely parcel of fabric from Kitschy Coo today. Super quick delivery! Thanks Amanda. Its lovely. I treated myself to

I finally got round to doing some sewing last night. Have around 20 bibs nearly finished now ready for my next craft market and to list on folksy. I'm slowly getting my sewing mojo back. Its taking a while though! Should I do a tutorial for making bibs? A couple of people have mentioned it before. Its pretty straightforward so thinking I might give it a try??

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Fabric Sale

Amanda at Kitschy Coo is having a fabulous fabric sale on her blog so pop over and have a look. Lots of lovely fabrics for sale. She is also discounting her amazing patterns and tomorrow will be adding some of her  fabulous childrens clothes...

Hands off my fabric though. I saw them first!!

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Thanks Ant and Dec

You may remember that last year I set myself the challenge of organising 70 presents for my mums 70th birthday on Christmas Day. One of my ideas was to email various celebs asking for signed photos as a cheap way of getting the total up! This kept me amused for many days usually as a way of completely avoiding doing anything productive with my time. Top celeb was obviously Phillip Schofield who sent me a signed photo in 3 days (check out the Silver Fox in all his glory here. I had kind of forgotten about it until yesterday when I opened my post and found this

A signed photo of Ant and Dec! Its only 6 months late but hey better late than never. Shame on you Alan Titchmarsh, the Loose Women, Simon Cowell, Torvill and Dean and Cliff Richard for your lack of response (they were for my mum!). I'll just have to keep Ant and Dec for myself.

Had a little shopping trip to John Lewis the other day to spend some birthday vouchers. Couldn't resist the following gorgeous fabrics

and a couple of books to inspire me

I had a go making a hair band tidy for Izzy. She had hundreds of hair clips and bands strewn across her bedroom and I had been meaning to make one for a while. I'm pretty pleased with it and think I will make some to sell at my next craft market. Apologies for the terrible photos taken on my phone in bad light. It was the best I could do!

The clips go on the long ribbon bit and at the bottom there is a loop for the hair bands that has a popper fastening behind the smaller flower. Izzy loved it. I'm going to try some different designs like butterflies and cupcakes I think.

Finally my little baby Sam is now a big boy in his very own big boys bed! We caught him trying to climb out of the cot and knew that was it. His cot converted into a cot bed and he absolutely loves it. He stays in his bed in the morning now reading his books rather than shouting at us to get him up like he used to at 6.30am every morning. We just need to get rid of that dummy now......