Friday, 30 April 2010

Almost there

The new sewing room is almost done. Just a few bits to finish off before I take some photos to share with you. I've just bought this print to get framed to put above my new sewing table. Its so gorgeous.

I just wish I looked that graceful when I'm sewing. I can usually be found swearing at my sewing machine!

This print was from Ink and Stylus on Folksy. You can check out her shop here for gorgeous pen and ink drawings and prints.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010


I am loving work. I know its only been 4 days but its been quite liberating going off to work each morning. Maybe its still a novelty at the moment but I think its going to be a really interesting job. I have totally faced my fear about driving this week. I've had to go off to all sorts of places and I feel very proud of myself because so far I have done it and its been ok. I have had some comedy driving moments where I have been driving round and round big roundabouts 3 or 4 times because I've been in the wrong lane and been too scared to change lanes but apart from that no major disasters so far (touches wood!)

I do keep having moments of self doubt though.Everyone else seems so confident and knowledgable. I know I am new but I feel like I don't have an opinion on anything sometimes. I doubt my ability to do anything and wonder why they have chosen me for this job when there must have been much better candidates. I feel like I will be found out any day now! Its a confidence thing I guess.

I've almost re-organised my sewing room now. Will post some photos soon. Its fab and was a present from Jon for my birthday. Hopefully when its all finished I can find my sewing mojo again and get motivated to start making things. Anyway better go and get ready for work tomorrow!

Thursday, 22 April 2010

The Mums Song

If you are a mum you have to watch this. Its very funny...

Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Last week my Auntie Carole died from pancreatic cancer. She was only 67. The funeral is tomorrow so its going to be a difficult day particularly for her children and my mum (her sister). Several blogs caught my eye this week because they are doing fantastic things to help cancer sufferers so I thought I would give them a mention. Abby from Mutterings from the Moor has made one of her gorgeous teddy bears in a pink ribbon fabric and is raffling it off to raise money for Cancer Research.

You just need to go to her Just Giving page and make a donation to be entered into the draw. There will be lots of other prizes too. The minimum donation is only a pound so if this cause is close to your heart then check out Abby's blog for more info. I'm also going to donate something to the raffle - just not sure what yet!

Another blog that caught my eye this week was Flossie Teacakes who has put together a pattern and tutorial for making a 'wiggly bag' which helps young cancer sufferers who have to have a central line during their treatment. The bags hold the central line (which gives medicines and takes blood without the need for needles) and stops the line (the wiggly) from getting dirty or pulled during play.

A child will often have their line with them on a constant basis for around 18 months and so the wiggly bag that holds it becomes.a big part of their daily life and the child will often become very attached to it. Bags are needed for children of all ages, from toddlers to teenagers and there is a real need for bags that teenagers will be happy to wear. If you fancy getting involved check out Flossie Teacakes blog or the Liberty Rose Trust.

It would be great if people could blog or tweet about these things too. The more people we can get involved the more help we can give these two charities.

Monday, 19 April 2010

Fabulous Forty!

I'm back and I'm 40!! I had a lovely sunny week in West Wales with family and friends which was great. Sadly my auntie died on my birthday which although not unexpected was still a shock so I didn't feel much like celebrating after that. I received some gorgeous presents from everyone though which I'll blog about when I get round to downloading the photos. My party was at the week-end. It was lovely to see everyone but having a party is way too stressful. I spent the whole time worrying about whether everyone else was having a good time. I much prefer going to other peoples parties. It was a joint party with my friend Paul and he had been stuck in Belgium because of the volcanic ash thing so he literally arrived half an hour before the party began after a getting a last minute ticket on the eurostar. Thats us below. Its at the end of the party so we are both looking slightly drunk!

These are my lovely friends Kate and Debi - at this point in the party we thought we could dance. It was not pretty!

Talking of volcanic ash Jon's dad is actually stuck in Katmandu after a months treking holiday in Nepal and he has no idea when he might be able to get home. It must be a horrible situation to be in.

I'm actually really scared tonight as I start my new job tomorrow. I'm terrified - not about the job but about the drive there. Seriously I feel sick thinking about it so wish me luck. Tomorrow I am going to have to pretend I can string a sentence together and that I actually have a brain. Its going to be a struggle!!

Friday, 9 April 2010

When I return I will be officially old!

I'm off holiday for a few days today to celebrate reaching the big 40 on Tuesday. We are going to New Quay in West Wales for a week with some friends who have children the same age so it should be good fun. Hopefully the weather will stay sunny and we can go to the beach. We are back later in the week to prepare for the party (which I'm really nervous about!) and then I start my new job. Yikes!

I've just come back from a shopping trip to IKEA. I really want to do my sewing room up so as my present from Jon I went and chose a big craft table for my sewing machine, some proper storage and some other bits and bobs and when I get back from holiday I can start planning the new look room. I'll post some before and after shots. I'm hoping having a fab new sewing room which bring back my sewing mojo!

Anyway have a fab week and think of me on Tuesday crying into my glass of wine!

I am such an idiot!

It was all going so well. My lovely new childminder was doing a practice run looking after Izzy and Sam so I had the WHOLE day to myself. I thought I would go into Bristol and buy some clothes for my new job given that I slob around in jeans most of the time. I decided that it was time to face my fear and drive to the park and ride on the outskirts of Bristol. This is probably the furthest I have ever driven on my own (about 10 miles - sad I know!) and it involved going down the bypass. I did it though and was having a lovely day shopping feeling very pleased with myself.  I spent far too much money in White Stuff but figured that I had earned it for a) being nearly 40 b) getting a new job and c) driving to the park and ride.

Finally after a whole day of shopping I merrily jumped on the park and ride bus to get back to my car. I thought it was going a bit of a funny way and after 5 minutes realised that it was in fact going to the park and ride but the one on the OTHER SIDE OF BRISTOL! The one half an hour away in the wrong direction from mine. I broke out in a cold sweat when I realised what I had done and rang the bell thinking I could get off and walk back only the bus DOESN'T STOP until it gets the park and ride car park. Luckily my childminder is my cousin and she thought it was funny and didn't mind the fact that I was an hour later than planned but I was so annoyed with myself for being such an idiot. Apparently it happens all the time! Anyway I eventually got home to two more paracels of gorgeous fabric which cheered me up no end and Sam and Izzy had had a lovely day and hadn't missed me at all (which is good I think?).

From Fabric Inspirations

My name is Louise and I am a fabricholic

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Top Ten fabrics

As I am nearing 40 (only 5 days to go!) I figured I needed to cheer myself up so I bought some more fabric. Can you be a fabricholic do you think? Anyway this lovely parcel arrived from Seamstar yesterday...

This is gorgeous and I'm going to attempt to make a dress or skirt for Izzy

Thought I might make some bibs out of this

and some little sewing kits out of this

Courtney at Seamstar sells gorgeous fabrics which always arrive super fast wrapped in lovely tissue paper.
I really recomend them. She has just started a new blog too so check it out! Her latest post was about her top 10 favourite fabrics. Now this got me thinking about mine. What to choose?? There are just so many lovely fabrics that I couldn't narrow it down to 10 so I thought I would do a list of my top 10 favourite childrens fabrics. I use a lot of these and these are the ones I love the most and/or the ones that sell the best!

No 10 - Buckaroo Round Up. Not sure who its by but I love it and have sold lots of bibs made of this one. It also comes in blue.


No. 9 - You and Me by Alexander Henry
Quite new to me but so cute. Not sure what to make though. Maybe book bags?

No 8 Sweet Tooth by Robert Kaufman
Comes in pink, white and blue. A favourite for my baking bags.

No 7 - Yui Kokeshi by Alexander Henry
Sold lots of bibs and bags in this one

No 6 - China Doll by Michael Miller
Again great for bibs and bags

No 5 - Flamingo Floral by Michael Miller
This is such a fun fabic. Great for little sewing kits and purses

No 4 - Pet Deer by Michael Miller
So cute for bibs

No 3 - Kids Zoo by Michael Miller
A good one for boys bibs

No 2 - Confections by Caleb Gray
Only just discovered this one but already I love it. Perfect for a little summer bag maybe or a purse for ice cream money?


My all time favourite - Rocket Rascals by Michael Miller
I LOVE this fabric and always sell out when I make bibs in it. I've also made little boys purses with it which sell really well. A really lovely fabric for boys or girls.

So what are your top ten fabrics?

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

How thoughtful

I am constantly surprised at the generosity of fellow bloggers and today was no exception when I received a  gorgeous parcel from the lovely Lucy from Crafting in the Beach Hut. Lucy took part in my recent flower swap (it was her first swap) and sent me a little something to say thank you for organising it. It was beautifully wrapped and completely gorgeous..

3 beautiful silky ribbon flowers on a white frame. Its so pretty and so clever. I LOVE it!

Not only that but I received a lovely hand made embroidered card too

Thank you Lucy for being so thoughtful. It was very kind of you. I hope you don't mind but I stole borrowed the photos from your blog as they were so much better than mine! Your parcel really made my day (especially as its only 6 days now until I hit 40!!!) Now that is depressing....

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Another day another parcel

This parcel of loveliness came all the way from the USA. Ulrike from Lingering Shade was my flower swap partner. I can't believe how lucky I have been with both my swap partners as I have been very spoilt with gorgeous goodies. Ulrike sent me the following wrapped in this gorgeous tissue paper...

A lovely flowery shopping bag. Its so pretty and well made. I love the fabric.

Not one but five packets of seeds!! Can't wait to try these out in my garden. Just need some sunshine.

The most beautiful little birdhouse which is painted
 with tiny little flowers. How beautiful is this? I love it. I think Ulrike painted it herself too. Very clever!

A little flower candle

Some cute little flower coasters

2 gorgeous pieces of flowery fabric. Can't wait to get stuck in to these

The sweetest lavender bag made with THE most gorgeous fabric. I love this

a lovely card

and a pretty little heart

and as if thats not enough Ulrike also included a little parcel for Izzy and Sam to open with some cool stickers and sweets.

Thank you Ulrike. I was overwhelmed with your generosity and I loved  everything.

Right where do I sign up for my next swap????

Friday, 2 April 2010

Heres what I sent

I keep looking at all the lovely things I received from Gemma in the colour swap. They are so lovely. Now I know that Gemma has received my parcel I can show you the 'pink' things I made and sent her....

A little birdy sewing kit

Some mini bunting. I have never made it like this before. I used pink cord rather than ribbon and also threaded a button inbetween each flag. I had lots of remnants of pink fabric so it was good to use them up

A vintage tea cup pin cushion. I have to admit to 'borrowing' this idea from All that Glitters. I bought one of her tea cup pin cushions for my mums birthday and had been dying to try and make one for someone. When I saw this cup and saucer in the local charity shop it was just perfect for the swap,

I also covered a notebook with this gorgeous fabric which is one of my favourites. This is only the second one I have made and I actually found it harder than I thought. I think I need to practice a bit!

This little drawstring bag is from Gisella Graham. The colours were so pretty that it was perfect for Gemma. I was quite tempted to keep it for myself though!

I also sent a few bits and bobs. A spotty luggage tag, a little hanging garland, some spotty ribbon and little flowery pegs

It was so much fun choosing for Gemma because her blog is full of lovely pretty things and it was easy to get a sense of what she liked. Its pretty nerve wracking sending things you have made to a fellow sewer though. I hope she didn't look too closely at my sewing!

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Swaps Rock!

I love swaps. As well as my own flower swap I also signed up for Dolly Dollops colour swap and was paired up with Gemma of Little Gems World. Check out her blog because its great and full of gorgeous things. Today I received this fabulous package full of 'blue' things for me! Look at how pretty the parcels are. These were all inside a hand made bag which was wrapped up in blue polka dot paper. Even the name label on the envelope was blue. Such attention to detail. I love it!

Gemma and I had agreed to send 4 handmade things and 2 bought/thrifted items. I received the most beautiful bag with a gorgeous flowery lining which came with a little lace brooch with a pretty gemstone middle which I can take off and wear if I want.

I also received this lovely double sided bunting which I am going to hang in my sewing room

This cute little needle case complete with pins and needles

The sweetest little patchwork brooch which Izzy absolutely loves (I had been admiring these on Gemma's blog!) and a pack of cute blue buttons

Some gorgeous coasters which are very 'Cath Kidston'

and a lovely polka dot notebook (sorry about the photo quality on this one. Took it on my phone in a dark room) I'm going to use this to jot down all my sewing ideas

I think you'll agree that I did very well. Everything is so well made too. It was a lovely surprise. Gemma received my parcel too today so I'll post some photos of what I sent tomorrow. Thanks Gemma and also Dolly Dollop for organising!

Remember my half built kitchen?? Well surprise surprise its still half built although I do now have a working cooker and dishwasher again which is great. Guess what we're going to be doing over the week-end....

Yes filling a skip with the old kitchen so that our garden no longer looks like we should be on 'Shameless'
Oh the glamour!