Friday, 29 May 2009

Being grateful for what you have.....

I have been feeling a bit sorry for myself this week. Sam and Izzy both had ear infections and were grumpy and nobody got much sleep. I was too tired to do any sewing and was generally feeling a bit miserable. Then I got an email from a friend asking me to sponsor her for the Bristol half marathon and it made me cry. Why? Because my friend has suffered the most unimaginable, devastating loss in the last year. I won't go into detail here but last year her 2 young daughters died within months of each other (and of their new baby brother being born). This would have destroyed most people but my friend is determined to raise money for Bristol Childrens Hospital where they were both treated in their honour and that is why she is running the half marathon.

I know times are tough but if anyone can spare a few pounds to sponsor her then please check out her website which gives more information. She is an amazing woman with such courage and suddenly my week just doesn't seem so bad after all.

Thursday, 28 May 2009

My heart is broken...

Today is the last ever episode of ER. I am heartbroken. What am I going to do on Thursdays now? It seems like I have been watching ER forever. Its like an old friend. I am gutted!!

My top 5 ER moments - please feel free to add your own

1) George Clooney - Dr Ross - say no more!!
2) Dr Greene dying - he was just soooo nice.
3) Dr Carters baby dying - I was pregnant and wept for hours
4) Carter and Lucy getting stabbed - again wept - a lot!!
5) Romano losing his arm in the helicopter incident. Never have I been sooo shocked by an episode of anything. Was so not expecting that!

Tuesday, 26 May 2009


Although i've been sewing for quite a while now, I have never put a zip in anything before! I've always been too scared to try. I'm very impatient and always want to finish things before I start and knew that I wouldn't have the patience to do it properly. But today I did it!!!! Its taken me all evening but I finally put in a zip in something. I made a little lined pencil case type thing and it looks ok! The seams are slightly wonky because I didn't measure properly (rushing!) but the general look of it works I think. I am so impressed with myself. Even my other half looked mildly impressed when I showed him. What do you think? I recently found some little sewing kits that came in horrible plastic bags and want to make some bags like this to put all the stuff in and maybe sell as first sewing kits. Does it work? Zips rock!

If you had told me 10 years ago my two favourite pastimes would be sewing and gardening I would have laughed out loud! Now look at me about to blog about my borders! I just couldn't help but take some photos of my garden today as everything is starting to flower and it just makes me smile. I love summer in the garden.

Finally had to post some photos of Isabella from the week-end. We went to a local fair and had a fab time. We were all walking back to the car sharing some chips and I was feeling slightly smug about my two gorgeous well behaved children when Isabella suddenly lay down flat on the pavement and refused to move screaming 'YOU'VE EATEN ALL THE CHIPS MUMMY' at me at the top of her voice. I had to bundle her in the car still screaming that I had eaten all her chips (which I had!) slightly red faced. That will teach me!!



Sunday, 24 May 2009

Random acts of kindness

Just about recovered from my big night out in Bath. We had a great time drinking champagne cocktails! I'm the one in the butterfly top. Thanks to the lovely Debi for arranging - we had a fab time shopping on Saturday but completely ran out of time. I feel another trip happening very soon.....

I joined Folksy to sell some of my things a couple of months ago and have been amazed by the lovely people I have come into contact with since joining and chatting in the forums. A couple of people in particular tho have really restored my faith in human nature with some really kind and thoughtful deeds so I want to repay them by mentioning them here and showing some of the lovely things that they make.

No. 1 is Tracey at Nifty Thrifty who not only embroidered my shop name on a postcard for a postcard swap we did but also sent me a gorgeous handmade brooch to go with it. She also put one of my baking bags on her website when I was feeling very nervous about selling my things which was a great confidence boost for me. She make fabulous things from recycled fabric including these amazing backgammon sets. Great for a fathers day present!

No. 2 is Leanne at Seethewoods. I mentioned in one of the forums that I was a bit of a technophobe and couldn't get my shop banner or avaktar right. Leanne read this and then went and designed and emailed me a selection to choose from! I would never have got round to doing this and it makes my shop look much more professional. Leanne also set up the 'folksy Teams' networking site and is also designing and editing a 'zine' to help promote the folksy website. She makes gorgeous things from fabric including this lovely apple cushion

Last but not least is Kate at Emily Pickle who when I mentioned that I wanted to try and experiment with printing my own labels posted me some computer transfer paper so I could try it out along with some instructions. She also saved my bacon when I needed a last minute present by making a custom t shirt for me and posting it direct to my cousin within 24 hours. Thats what I call service! Kates tshirts are gorgeous, both my children have them and they make great presents!

So thanks to all the above people who probably don't realise how much they brightened up my day with their kind acts. I hope that I can do the same to someone elses day soon!

Friday, 22 May 2009

Party party and new ideas

I'm having a night out tonight! Me and my friend Debi are leaving our children with their dads and going for a night out in Bath. Not only that we are staying in a hotel over night and going shopping the next day!!!! Am very excited. We got a special deal in a travel lodge hotel (think Alan Partridge!)which made it cheaper than a taxi home. Shopping with no kids!! A couple of years ago this would have meant a big night out, lots to drink, going to see a band and maybe a bit of dancing too. Now we will probably go for some food, have a few beers and talk kids, sewing and gardening. How times change!

My lovely mum bought me back some cute things from her holiday in portugal including some gorgeous ribbon and these really sweet little mini dolls.

I have an idea for the dolls. Would love to know what people think. In my former life I was a social worker working with children and families. I spent a lot of time with children in care and worked with a fantastic foster carer who told me about 'worry dolls'. I think they come from Guatemala. These are tiny little dolls in mini drawstring bags that you give to children to keep. If the children feel anxious or worried about something they simply get out the little mini doll when they go to bed, tell them their worries, put them under their pillow and in the morning the dolls will have taken the worries away. The idea being to get children to offload their worries rather than keeping them locked inside. The idea has always stuck in my mind and when i got these little dolls I wondered whether I could make something similar - well make the bag and some little instruction cards. What do you think??

Don't forget that the tooth fairy cushion giveaway still open to the end of the month - tell your friends with children!!

Have a good bank holiday week-end. x

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

New blog and new tooth!

I've finally decided to bite the bullet and do a blog! This is my first post so welcome to anyone who is actually reading it (you obviously need to get out more!!). To celebrate this special day my little boy Sam has also finally decided to get his first tooth! Hurrah!! Was getting slightly concerned as he is now 9 months old but finally just as the books it is. To celebrate this truly great day I thought I would do a GIVEAWAY!! Yes I'm giving away one of my tooth fairy cushions in honour of Sam's first tooth. Just leave me a comment saying why you should win and I will choose a lucky winner at the end of the month. The winner can either choose a tooth fairy cushion from my shop or I will make them a new personalised one (boy or girl).

Check Sam out wearing his cool new rocket t shirt made by the lovely Kate @ Emily Pickle.

I'm pretty happy as have sold 2 things (buggy blanket & baking bag) in the last 2 days. One on Folksy and one on Misi. I have loads of ideas for new stuff but just need to find the time to make it - not easy with 2 young children. Bought some gorgeous fabric which I cant wait to get started on. Next projects are some little bags/purses, a fabric travel noughts and crosses set (??!!) and some hair clips.

May seems to be the party season for Isabella age 3 with a party every week-end this month (I remember those days!!) I decided that rather than frantically looking for a last minute present to take to the party, I should make the gift instead (we'll see how long this lasts!) so I made a personalised apron for Hannah and a gingham coloured pencil roll for Phoebe. What do you think? Quite pleased with both.

Just got back from a run...well a walk!! I've entered myself into the Race for Life in a months time. Anybody who knows me knows that I HATE exercise of any form. I was doing quite well but a bout of tonsilitis stopped the training regime and tonight was terrible. Got really bad stitch and had to walk most of the way. Usually run with a friend and gossip most of the way round - found running on my own much more difficult.

Ok thats it for my first post, gotta go and do important stuff (well watch the Apprentice!)

Thanks for reading......x