Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Little Lady Liberty Blog Hop

I am so pleased to be part of the 'Little Lady Liberty' Blog Hop.

Little Lady Liberty is a gorgeous new sewing book by Alice Caroline. It is packed full lovely patterns and step by step instructions to make beautiful items for girls using gorgeous Liberty fabrics which Caroline also sells here. Liberty prints are just so pretty with a really vintage 'English' feel to them. Perfect for little girls.

This book is absolutely gorgeous to look at and packed full of lovely things to make from lampshades, duvets and quilts to skirts, dolls and storage baskets and even little things like belts and hair scrunchies. There is something for everyone from the novice sewer to the more advanced and lots of things that children could also make for themselves.

I am really tempted to have a go at several of the projects in this lovely book. I just need to find some time! I'm also very tempted to invest in some Liberty fabrics!

You can buy a hard copy of the book on the Stitch, Craft, Create website here or the ebook version here. You can find lots of other lovely crafty books as well on the Stitch, Craft, Create website here.

Happy sewing!

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