Friday, 17 October 2014

Adventures in Dress Making - Part 1

I have been meaning to learn some proper dress making skills for ages now as I am surrounded by gorgeous fabrics but rarely make anything for myself. Although I can sew, I am self taught and I have to admit to being a bit scared by 'proper' dress making so when I was asked to review 'The Complete Photo Guide to Clothing Construction' by Christina Haynes, it seemed like a sign to jump in and start giving it a go!

The book was a really good starting point for me and a great resource for understanding the basic construction of different items of clothing. It explains all the different terms you read about and helps demistify sewing patterns. There are chapters which explain measuring and what materials you need to use for different garments. It also includes sections on darts, gathering, pleats, pin tucks, shirring, pockets, collars, sleeves and hems amongst other things. Everything a novice dress maker would need to know to get started. 

I love the fact that the book uses photos rather than diagrams. My brain just doesn't do diagrams and I find photos so much easier to follow. I know that its a book I  will return to again and again as my confidence grows and I get braver in the things I make You can buy this lovely book on Amazon here. It would make a great Christmas gift!

Motivated by my lovely new book, I invited my cousin to come over to try and make an A line skirt with me. We also had some help from a lovely local dress maker friend called Rachel. After much discussion and debate and reading of the book and pattern, we finally did it. The finished result is being modelled by Jill. Its got pockets and everything!

We made a few mistakes along the way but both feel really motivated to try and make more clothes now. Watch this space!

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