Monday, 29 September 2014

Sewing - The next generation!

Happy Birthday to my lovely daughter Isabella who was 9 yesterday. Her present was her first proper 'grown up' sewing machine. Its purple and so cool. I can't wait to start showing her how to use it!


  1. Ooh, can I ask what make/model it is? I'm looking for one for my little girl too!

    1. Have a look at John Lewis - they have these is a variety of colours :)

  2. Happy birthday Isabella! That new machine is perfect - I love the colour.

  3. this is so lovely! hope she had a fab birthday x

  4. Happy Birthday Isabella!

    Louise, there will be a post about a children's sewing machine book appearing on Nora At Home this time tomorrow in case you're looking for something to spend some birthday money's really rather good.

    Please could you email your address to as I have some dresses waiting to be sent off but can't find your address anywhere!

    Hope you are well, take care xxx

  5. It's so great seeing the younger generation becoming interested in sewing (and even baking) again. It's such a useful life skill and decades of it being deemed 'anti feminist' are finally being pushed aside! Woohoo! I hope your daughter had a lovely birthday and was excited about her pressie - fabulous colour! Have lots of fun creating together! x


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