Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Just Us Girls - Book Review

I was very lucky to be asked to review some craft books for Quarto and the one that immediately caught my eye was 'Just Us Girls' a book of 48 Creative Art and Craft Projects for Mothers and Daughters. My daughter loves making things but I am often a bit distracted by work so it feels like I don't actually get involved as much as I would like. This seemed like the perfect choice for the summer holidays!

Its such a lovely book! My daughter was hooked from the moment I gave it to her to look at. She spent hours looking at all the projects and loved the idea that it was something we were going to do together. She very quickly marked out several projects she wanted to try. The book is split into seasons and a lot of the projects are outdoors based which I really liked and which makes it a bit different to lots of other craft books. We tried out the following projects - all chosen by my daughter...

Peaceful Mind Globe

We loved this idea! Its basically like a huge snow globe but with glitter. The idea is that when you are stressed or perhaps having an argument, you go and shake the jar and sit and watch it until the glitter settles. Watching the glitter float around is relaxing in itself and the time out that the process gives you ensures that any argument is soon forgotten.  

We found some lovely glass jars in our local 99p shop and bought some glycerin in our local chemist. We had lots of glitter and sequins lying around at home and it was lots of fun choosing which colours to put in. Izzy decorated the jar and made the sign. The Peaceful Mind Globe was really quick and easy to make. We actually use it a lot and it is great for diverting children from having tantrums and melt downs!

'Happy Thoughts Jar'

We decided that we really liked the idea of writing down things that make us happy each day and popping them in a jar. Whenever we feel sad, we can then look at all our happy thoughts and remember all the lovely times we have had.


We found another lovely jar in the 99p shop and Izzy filled it with lavender and shredded tissue paper. We then each wrote down some happy thoughts to start us off. Such a simple yet lovely idea and one we want to keep up.

'Summer Fairies'

These little summer fairies are so cute and I knew Izzy would love making them clothes with all my left over fabric scraps. I ordered some of the old fashioned wooden pegs on ebay for a couple of pounds. They were really easy to get hold of.

We ran out of pipe cleaners unfortunately so ours don't have arms at the moment! Izzy loved drawing on the faces and making outfits for them though.

There are still lots of projects we want to try and I think we will come back to this book time and time again. It has a lovely section at the end which gives you all the patterns and templates you need along with illustrated colour labels and pictures to stick on things. This book would make a really lovely gift and Izzy (who is 8 years old) and I both absolutely loved it.

You can buy this lovely book on Amazon here

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