Sunday, 27 April 2014

Pillowcase dresses take over the world!

The 'Dress A Girl' charity is going from strength to strength with hundreds of new dresses arriving each month and lots of dresses reaching new homes abroad. I've received lots of new photos recently so wanted to share them with everyone.

These lovely dresses reached an orphanage in Uganda thanks to the NOTDECUK charity. Huge thanks to Catherine for organising and sending through the lovely photos.

Dresses reached The Phillipines thanks to Mercy in Action. You can see more lovely photos on their blog here. We will be sending more dresses to Mercy in Action soon hopefully.

Empower The Gambia distributed some dresses for us in The Gambia. Have a look at their facebook page here for lots more info about the work that they do.
Dresses reached The Sudan. Thanks to Beryl for organising. We have just sent some more which should hopefully be there soon.

Dresses also went to several other projects in Uganda including Uganda Concern

and Project Uganda where dresses were distributed to children from a special needs unit opened whilst the charity was in Uganda. The charity reported that some of the children had speech and hearing difficulties and quite a few had curvature of the spine and the dresses were fantastic as they were able to adjust the shoulder straps to fit the girls. All the girls at the unit received the dresses for Sunday wear and some were also distributed in rural villages. Local women were also shown how to make the dresses.

Dresses and shorts reached Tanzania thanks to Esther who overheard one little girl saying 'This is the happiest day of my life' as she was walking home in her new dress!

Dresses also reached Zimbabwe. Thanks to Yvonne for sharing. The older girls often wear the dresses as tops!

Dresses reached Jambanjeli in The Gambia. Thanks to Esther for sharing this lovely photo.

Dresses also reached Kenya thanks to Maji Safi. We have an ongoing relationship with Maji Safi as they are Bristol based and visit Kenya regularly.



Dresses went direct to Sri Lanka. Thanks to Pat for sharing.
I also wanted to share this lovely photo of dresses reaching Ghana

A huge thanks to everybody who has made dresses and shorts and to all the people involved in distributing them for me both here in the UK and abroad.

We are always after feedback from our distributors and they always say how much the children love their new dresses and shorts. They are very often the only decent item of clothing that the child will own which means they are very often worn EVERY day! A recent distributor shared this photo of a clothes washing area in Uganda and described the harsh washing process the clothes go through as they are scrubbed by hand every single day. In some countries the dresses are washed in rivers and scrubbed on washboards so they do need to be as sturdy as possible to make them last as long as possible.

Here is a reminder of a few things to bear in mind when making dresses -
  • Please make the dresses as sturdy as possible.
  • Where possible use strong cotton fabric
  • Avoid leaving raw edges if at all possible, even pinked edges will start to fray over time
  • Make straps out of bias binding that is securely attached.
  • Always backstitch, especially at the ends of the bias tape and where the tape joins the top of the dress
  • Please avoid see through fabrics if possible.
  • Ties need to be long enough to tie in a bow at the shoulder
Happy Dress Making!




  1. It's great to see all these photos of the dresses in action!x

  2. This must be my favourite blog post of the week, beautiful and uplifting x

  3. What a happy post! Well done to you and all your little helpers! x Jo

  4. I love to see these photos.

  5. i would like to get in on this. i have a lot of clothes to give away and i want to give it to kids in need. how can i help

    1. Thank you Waialuaheaven. The sewing charity I co-ordinate only collects handmade dresses rather than general clothes I'm afraid but I am sure you will be able to find a local charity who would be happy to accept donations of clothes. We just don't have the funds to ship other clothes sadly.

  6. Hello. I'm about to make some pillow case dresses and have found your page whilst searching for a UK distributor, can I get in touch with you to discuss please? Many thanks.

    1. Hi thanks for your comment. I couldn't find an email address for you. If you want to message me you can contact me at Louise x


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