Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Celebrating sewing history

Coats Crafts very kindly sent me one of their new limited edition sewing thread and pin cushion gift sets recently designed to celebrate over two centuries of sewing history. Its a lovely kit with 1000m of black and white sewing thread on wooden spools that can be reused and a cute little pin cushion featuring a vintage Coats advert.

I've used lots of the white cotton already making these pencilcases for some children leaving pre school and its been lovely to sew with. I have found out from experience that it pays to use really good quality thread so its been lovely having this to use. My mum has already nabbed the black thread for a quilt she is making.

The pin cushion is already in use and looks rather fetching on my old Singer machine!


You can find out more about this kit on the Coats website which is here


  1. It' so true that a quality thread makes all the differencec to a project.
    I once won some Coats threads via Sew Hip! magazine and they made me review my previous cheaper thread addiction :D
    Keep the posts coming - loving your blog :)

    Gem (EDiS) X

  2. Hi I am Rachel (MadAboutBags' daughter), i love your blog. I have started a new blog called LittleMissMakes i would love it if your checked it out. Thanks xxx or look on blog lovin.


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