Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Pin It Forward - sharing the Pinterest love!

Pinterest is officially launching in the UK! I am so happy to be part of the 'Pin it Forward' campaign to help the launch because I am officially addicted to Pinterest and think its a great site. Thanks to Ami from Sewing London for passing the baton on to me.

Pin It Forward UK 2013

Lots of you already know about Pinterest but for those who don't, Pinterest is essentially an online 'Pin Board' where you can collect and 'pin' all the lovely things that you find online. Its very visual and you 'pin' images you like to different boards that you set up. These virtual boards can be anything - recipe ideas, sewing tutorials, kids craft ideas, house stuff, birthday party ideas, hairstyles, clothes you love. You can literally set up as many boards as you like and organise your images as you choose.

The image will always keep the link to the original source so if you pin a fantastic birthday cake recipe (like the one above!) that you want to keep, when you go back to it a year later, you will be able to find the original blog or website you found it on. You can follow other people and they can follow you. If you follow people, you get to see their 'pins' which you can then repin onto your boards. Likewise people following you can see your pins and repin them. You can also search the whole of Pinterest making it a fantastic resource for ideas and inspiration. Rather than searching the internet and having to trawl through thousands of sites, you can see a selection of ideas or projects for whatever you are searching for. Its brilliant for things like planning a childs birthday party.

Its a wonderful resource for us crafty types in particular. I have found 100's of free sewing tutorials which I have pinned ready to  use when I have some time. Its also great for saving sewing tips and advice.

When I create a tutorial on my own blog or stock a new fabric, I can now 'pin' it and it will (hopefully) get shared by lots of other crafty people which in turn will drive traffic to my blog or website. You can even add little 'pin' buttons to your website to encourage people to pin your images.

You can set up group boards too where you can invite other people to pin to a board. You can pin together over a shared mutual interest. Its also great for gift ideas. Pin stuff you like all through the year and then send people the link to the board at Christmas!!
I love Pinterest so much that I'm part of a group of bloggers called the Pin Addicts. We have set up a monthly Pinterest Challenge. This is to encourage people to actually make some of the things they pin! We were all a bit guilty of sitting at the computer pinning but not actually doing anything else! We decided to encourage people to make the things they pin each month. You just pin, make, blog and link up to the Pin Addicts website. There is a prize each month and the winner is chosen at random. Its about making for fun not being the best! You can make anything you like - as long as you found it on Pinterest!

Word of warning though. Pinterest is very addictive! You may find you spend hours pinning things!! Its so much fun though. Why not join up and start pinning? You can do this easily by simply clicking on this link. 

Tomorrow Sabrina  from 'Wolves In London' will be blogging about why she loves Pinterest. You can find her lovely blog here and her Pinterest Boards here.

Let me know if you join up or if you already use Pinterest with a link and I'll come and follow your boards. You can follow me here!


  1. I've used Pinterest since the beginning when you had to be invited and I love, love, love. A couple of years ago my (now) daughter-in-law planned her whole wedding using it, and I really felt part of the planning sharing pins with her planning. I think it's important to do some "housekeeping" occasionally and re-arrange your boards, delete stuff you no longer need etc. I'm at

  2. What an amazing collection of sewing projects, Louise! It's great to hear that you use Pinterest to share your tutorials, and find some new inspiration. Also, your Pin Addicts initiative is a stunning idea :) Thanks for participating in Pin It Forward!

  3. Thanks very much for introducing me. It's so great to meet fellow bloggers and Pinterest addicts!

  4. I've had a lovely time browsing your boards. I am at

  5. I love Pinterest followed your boards


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