Monday, 22 April 2013

Dresses reach Uganda!

Some of our dresses have just reached Uganda! A huge thanks to Jennie for organising and her son Samuel who very kindly took some dresses with him on his visit to the Childs i Foundation Baby & Family Centre in Kampala. He shared some lovely photos of his visit. Childs i are an amazing charity doing fantastic work in Uganda.

The Malaika Babies Home provides temporary protective care for up to 25 children aged between 0-2 years old. Childs i Foundation is different to lots of other charities in that it tries to reunite children with their birth families (either parents or extended family) or if this is not possible, tries to find adoptive families for the children rather than leaving them in institutional care. Every child receives their own care plan and carer to give them the attention they need to recover and thrive whilst they are found permanent homes. This is usually done within six months to avoid long-term psychological damage to the children. 

They also support families who are in crisis. They have a duty social worker who can give guidance, support and advice. If a family needs time to get back on their feet, Childs i will temporarily look after a child until a family is able to resume caring for their child. When children are placed back in their families, they then monitor them for up to a year to ensure they are safe. They also regularly visit families and teach them good parenting, health and hygiene and nutrition.

It was interesting to find out that around 80% of children growing up in institutions in Uganda have living relatives and are not ‘orphans’. Childs i try and trace the families of children in their care and around 66% of children admitted to Malaika are reintegrated back into their extended family.

Where extended family cannot be found for children, they try to find potential adopters so that the children still grow up in a family environment. Adoption outside of the family is still relatively uncommon in Uganda so Childs i launched a media campaign to find new families for their children. They now have 100 Ugandan families being assessed as adoptive parents and a waiting list of families who want to adopt children. They are working in partnership with the Ugandan Government to promote adoption as an option for abandoned children.

What an amazing organisation! If you would like to find out more about the work of Childs i Foundation and how you can get involved you can find their website here. They do depend on donations, so if you feel able to, please donate to their amazing work and help other children grow up in a family environment.

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  1. Great images, well done everyone concerned!


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