Monday, 8 April 2013

Exciting Times!

So much has happened over the last few weeks that I don't know where to start. First of all we have now reached 4,000 dresses for the 'Dress A Girl' charity. A huge thanks to everyone who has made dresses or supported the charity. Its an amazing achievement!

The lovely Lauren Laverne (of Channel 4 and BBC6 Music fame) tweeted about the dress charity last month, called me brilliant and got us lots of new followers and interest. We love Lauren! Its the second time she has tweeted about the charity. I'm just annoyed that I can get the tweet to embed so I can show off even more!!

'Dress A Girl' was featured in Craft Seller Magazine this month. There is a lovely photo of me and my friend Debi from the dress making workshop at Cordial & Grace in Bristol.

and Sewing World magazine did a little feature on my blog and want to do a big feature on the dresses in a few months time.

I've also been filmed for the BBC News 'School Report' project. Students at Redland High School for Girls in Bristol made lots of dresses and are in India as we speak distributing them. The BBC helped them to make a short film about the project and they interviewed me for it. You can see the film here. Not sure why I am talking like Kate Middleton but I was clearly doing my best BBC voice! It was so lovely meeting the girls and seeing all the dresses they had made. I am hoping that they will share their experiences of their trip on my bog when they return.

I taught my cousin how to sew! We are off to The Makery in Bath soon to learn how to make piped cushions! You might see us on the Great British Sewing Bee yet. (NO way!!). Isn't it fab to see a proper sewing programme on TV? Look at that concentration!


15 vintage sewing machines are off to Uganda with the 'Hope for Life Katanga' charity soon. This is such a lovely story and you can read more about it here and here.

AND (takes a deep breath!) I am about to open my own little online fabric shop!! I still can't quite believe it but I have taken the plunge and we launch on Saturday 13 April which is also my birthday! Watch this space for the launch of


  1. Oh wow. Louise this is a wonderful post full of really exciting news and I feel so very proud to be just a very small part of it all so I can well imagine how you must be feeling. Huge congrats.
    I can't get the link to open with you on the BBC filming :-( Will have to try again later to hear your posh voice :-)
    Good luck on the fabric shop....I shall be checking it out but may have to wait til we have managed to sell this house before I buy more fabric. :-)
    Annie x

  2. Oh wow! Such wonderful news! And your own fabric shop? I can't wait to see what you stock :)

  3. So much excitement, how wonderful! It's great that Dress a Girl is getting lots of publicity - you do a marvellous job.

    All the very best of luck for your new shop! I'm looking forward to seeing your stock!

  4. Such really positive up-beat post! It makes you smile just reading about all that crafty success!! Keep it up - hope we see the online shop soon. x Jo

  5. Wow! Your life is certainly all 'go' at the moment! Well done with all the good work you have done and inspire in others and all the best with your fabric shop!

  6. Yay, exciting news all round! Congrats on the shop :)

  7. I came across the project in "Craftseller" and signed in as I'd like to make some dresses for the girls. I've just printed the patterns of armholes and got a question- are they a real size or should be enlarged( I have them on a A4 sheet of paper)? Thank you.

    1. Thanks Larisa. Thats brilliant. They are real size so you shouldn't have to enlarge them. Tried to email but couldn't find an email address for you. Hope you find this! x

  8. I came across the project in "Craftseller" and decided to sign in and take part in it. I've printed the patterns for the armholes (on A4 sheet) and there is a question- do I need to enlarge them or they are a real size? Thanks.


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