Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Dresses reach India!

I want to share some gorgeous photos of dresses reaching India. They were very kindly distributed by Emma to the charity RIDE (Rural Institute for Development Education) which supports lots of different projects in Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu, India. Emma has a lovely blog which you can find here. Emma distributed the dresses just before Christmas and told us that she ended up giving gifts and dresses/shorts to approx 250 children, all associated with RIDE, many of whom live on hand-me-downs. She said that for the children to receive their own dress was a very special occasion. The children were also given a few little extras; balloons, tea, cake, and a little toy car or bangles. Sounds like the children had an amazing time!

Such gorgeous photos!

The dress project continues to go from strength to strength. I've had so many dresses recently. A huge thanks to Make Horsham (25 dresses), Carolyn (6 dresses and dolls), Alison (4 dresses and 3 shorts), Beryl, (7 dresses and hairbands), Mary (69 dresses), Lorraine (20 dresses and 9 shorts), Julie (1 dress), Marilyn and the Finchley WI (5 dresses and dolls), Adele and Patricia -Communities First (53 dresses), Redland High School for Girls (61 dresses), 1 dress with no name!, Louise and Carol (9 dresses), Alison (9 dresses), Dorothy (11 dresses and £20 donation), Jenny (6 dresses), Lisa (10 dresses), Charis (3 dresses), Sarah (5 dresses), Brenda (2 dresses), Jill (83 dresses and 34 shorts!).

I also wanted to say thanks to Janet for organising and delivering lots of parcels of lovely dresses from St Mary's Church, Rickmansworth (47 dresses), her friend Patricia (23 dresses) and sister in law Debbie (4 dresses). Janet sent me some lovely photos from St Mary's Church.

Sending thanks to Beryl and Sue - sewing machinists
Madge, Hannah, Jenny and Barbara - cutting and sewing
Margaret - Ironer and general helper
Sally - Tea and Coffee and general organiser.

and thanks to Patricia for her dresses

So nice to see the people making the dresses!

The total collected to date is 4,287 dresses and 437 shorts.


  1. On Ideal World TV and ITV3 simultaneously tomorrow (Wednesday 10 April) at 9.00am, Debbie Shore is planning to make pillowcase dresses. Could be worth watching or recording.

  2. It's so lovely to see all the dresses everyone has made. Thanks so much for taking the time to share.

  3. The project is certainly going from strength to strength. So many happy little faces and such great workshops around too. x Jo


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