Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Pillowcase dresses reach South Africa!

I'm so happy to share some fabulous photos of pillowcase dresses reaching South Africa on the blog today. Huge thanks to Lorynne for sharing.
The pictures are from James House, a youth centre which services the local township, Imizamo Yetho in South Africa. Lorynne said that the girls were very happy to receive the dresses and looked gorgeous in them. Can you spot your dress? 


Such gorgeous photos. Thank you Lorynne for distributing the dresses and taking such lovely photos!


  1. Gorgeous pics Louise...Thanks for sharing them.
    A x

  2. Brilliant I so admire what you have done and to see some of the results. I havnt joined you yet, but hope to soon. Have been sorting some fabrics. I just hope I do half as good a job as your other sewers.

  3. So many happy faces - thanks for sharing. x Jo

  4. I see my dress on the girl to the left on the back row, how nice to see! I shall do more.

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful project.

  5. Ok. Now I'm homesick. :)

    Great pics, great weather for wearing such sweet dresses too!

    K xx

  6. Are my comments coming through? I'm not sure... I was logged in as my daughter, that was me PinAddict Kerry x

  7. Thanks for posting photos of the dresses I can see 2of mine. Its great to think that my frocks are working their way around the world, Uganda, Malawi, India and now South Africa. I have a box of about 60 more I really must organise to be sent on to you asap. Take care. Louise xxx

  8. It's lovely to see the dresses being worn!

  9. Thanks Louise for sharing the pics. It was such a great experience taking these gorgeous dresses to the girls. They were so happy! Thank you to all who donated dresses, it's great that some of you can see your creations in the pics. There was one with a little note. If the person who wrote it is on here then I'd like you to know that the note was read to the little girl who received your dress, in her native tongue (Xhosa),and she was very touched. The day with these little ones was definitely a highlight of our family holiday. My kids loved visiting the orphanage, getting to meet and play with the children. Will definitely try to get more over there soon. x Lorynne


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