Tuesday, 8 January 2013

No Broken Bones!

Happy New Year everyone. We've just got back from an amazing skiing holiday in France hence the lack of blogging over the New Year. We had a fab time as we went with some friends who moved to Australia 6 years ago. They were back in the UK visiting relatives and we jumped at the opportunity to spend some time with them over Christmas. It was so lovely to catch up. The last time I saw them I was about to give birth to Sam so its been a while. The weather was perfect. Everyone enjoyed skiing and the children got on so well that Izzy and Finn have decided to become pen pals!

Christmas was fab too. Jon outdid himself this year with some great sewing presents. On a recent trip to Bath I made him go into The Makery with me. The Makery is a gorgeous fabric shop that also runs lots of sewing workshops. Its full of lovely goodies so I loudly suggested to Jon that there were lots of things I might like for Christmas whilst stroking some rather gorgeous Melody Miller fabric. The lovely sales assistant was hilarious mentioning to me rather loudly that they also did gift vouchers for people who might be looking for a present. I have to say that the staff at The Makery are SO lovely. Every time I have been in there they couldn't have been more friendly and welcoming. Chatting about the fabrics and ribbons and laughing while I ooh and ahh over all the pretty things. This is how fabric shopping should be (Fabricland take note!).

Jon and I went off shopping separately in the afternoon and my blatent subtle hints must have done the trick because on Christmas day I received....

a Makery voucher (fabric or a sewing workshop???)

2 metres of my favourite fabric (I seriously nearly combusted with excitement)

Not only that he had chosen 5 different ribbons he thought I would like and also bought vintage wooden spools to put them on. The boy did GOOD!!

They fit perfectly on the Giant Safety Pin that he also bought from Gertie & Mabel. This was featured on my sewing gift ideas post. The trick is to drop hints constantly I find!

I also received lots of other lovely sewing pressies. The new Poppy Treffrey book.

A Mollie Makes Subscription, gorgeous mug and bobbin case

A Teflon foot so I can finally sew with oilcloth (hopefully!), a fabric pen and some decent scissors!

Oh yeah and a Harry from One Direction doll. It is ok for a 42 year old mum of two to lust after a 17 year old pop star right? He is just soooo cute. My inappropriate crush for the year!

Happy New Year!!


  1. WOW, what fab presents! my hubby took the hint i gave him and got me doctor who monopoly! he would never get me fabric as he thinks i have far too much already! (he's probably right!)

  2. I saw that mole with a spade on some fabric in a shop in France and have always regretted not buying it. Which fabric brand made the tape? I haven;t been able to find it anywhere (I might need to get to Bath)

    1. Hi Kath, Just had a look at the ribbon but doesn't say who made it. Can't find it on Makery website either. Next time I'm in there I will see if I can find out and let you know. x

    2. Louise & Kath, the ribbon is from a German company Farbenmix (and so are some of the other ribbons above). I love their ribbons!! - they can be bought easily from their online shop - http://www.farbenmix.de/shop/Ribbon/WilfriedWaschkesWaldWebband-gruen::10762.html
      Happy New Year, Louise, your holiday sounds wonderful, and Jon's a keeper ;-)

    3. Thanks Angela. Thats fab. Off to have a look! x

  3. Happy New Year to you and yours. What amazing presents. I shall be watching to see what you do with it all now :-)
    A x

  4. OOOH, such lovely goodies, what a lovely hubby you have! Am planning a trip to Bath in March, so definitely going to have to pop in at The Makery... it looks fab :-)

  5. Very nice gifts. I went with the Take Him To The Shop method this year too. Shoes for me tho.

  6. Happy new year, pleased to read you have enjoyed yourselves! Such a wonderful idea that your hubby gave you for xmas. x

  7. WOW! You lucky thing. Your hubby is very good at taking such subtle hints! And putting the ribbon on wooden spools is amazing :)

  8. Your gifts are amazing - you are so lucky! Even though Harry's latest romance has ended don't be tempted, he wouldn't buy you all those thoughtful gifts ;-)

  9. What fab pressies - you have a very clever hubby! Happy New Year x Jo

  10. lucky, lucky girl - you have done well on the hinting! i have that typewriter fabric from the makery as well in turquoise - gorgeous. i've used it to applique on to cards for special birthdays.... happy new year by the way! cath xx

  11. It looks like you've had a fab time, and got some great gifts!

    Happy New Year!

  12. Absolutely adore the printed typewriter fabric! So cute!


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