Thursday, 24 January 2013

More Dresses Reach Ghana!

Last year I was put in touch with a lovely lady called Sharon who runs a charity called Farm4Life which supports lots of different projects in Ghana. Sharon was about to visit Ghana and came and collected some dresses and shorts to take with her. It was great to meet Sharon and find out more about her trip. Not only was she visiting some of her projects, she was also being crowned 'Development Queen Mother' during her trip! This is quite an honour and shows how well respected Sharon and the charity are in Ghana. Sharon very kindly shared photos of some of the dresses she distributed as well as the ceremony she attended.

The dresses were distributed in the village of Troba Kope. Sharon was able to share some information about some of the children receiving the dresses. She met Dina who has 7 children including 2 sets of twins. Dina's husband left her when she was pregnant with her 7th child and she has not seen him since. Sharon was able to give 2 of her boys some shorts and the girls were given 3 dresses each. As a family, they lived illegally in a wooden structure by the side of the railway line. One of the sides of the structure had a large hole in it and when Sharon looked inside there was nothing except a piece of foam where the baby lay sleeping, a suitcase that they kept their clothes in and a couple of pots and pans. Sharon said that the clothes they were wearing were torn and shabby. As well as giving them the dresses, Sharon gave the children some knitted dolls and small soft toys that had been sent with the dresses. Sharon described how one of the girls cuddled the doll and how  her face lit up. She took the little dress it had on, off and then put it back on again. Sharon described it as a really magical and priceless moment as she held the doll tight as if it was the most important thing she had ever had.

Sharon shared some photos from the local school

 and her 'Development Queen Mother' ceremony

I was lucky enough to meet up with Sharon again after her first trip to Ghana and hear all about her amazing experiences. Sharon collected some more dresses and shorts which she took back on her next trip to Ghana. She emailed me recently to say that she had been back to some of the villages from her first trip and the girls were all still wearing the dresses they had been given. Sharon went back to see Dinah and her family. They were also all still wearing their dresses and shorts and still playing with their rag dolls. Sharon ad her charity were able to mend the roof of her shack for her which will prevent the rain getting in and getting everything wet. Sharon also sent me these gorgeous photos

Please take a look at the Farm4Life website. The charity is doing amazing work in Ghana and I hope that Sharon and I will continue to work together wherever possible to get dresses over to the children in Ghana.

Lots of new dresses have arrived already this year. Huge thanks to Sue & the Dyserth WI (16 dresses), Pippa (19 dresses), Judi (6 dresses), Elaine (3 dresses and hair bands), Sue (7 dresses), Jo (3 dresses and 10 shorts), Jill (53 dressses), Pam (17 dresses) and Diane (10 dresses). All gorgeous! Huge thanks to everyone involved. 

Total of dresses is now 3,343 and 379 pairs of shorts.


  1. Absolutely amazing stuff. You should be so proud of all that you are doing. Truly inspirational.

  2. Fantastic, truly an amazing project!

  3. A beautiful post Louise. Thank you for sharing a little of what life is like where the dresses go to makes it all worth while.
    A x

  4. Thank you so much for taking the time to post these photos, Louise. They really do inspire us to get making some more dresses and shorts. I know that I for one have been moved by the pictures and anectdotes to get sewing this weekend!
    Thank you!


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