Thursday, 20 December 2012

Welcome Singer Model 449

My friend Emma casually mentioned the other day that she had an old vintage sewing machine in her garage and would I be interested in having a look? I practically bit her hand off and made her poor husband dig it out of the garage straight away for me to have a look at. Its a beauty. A 1960's Singer - 449 Model. I absolutely love it!

It comes in a little table too. You can hide the machine away if you want to.

It came complete with the original accessories and the original instruction manual and best of all, it works! I was a bit worried that once I plugged it in, it might explode but it seems to be running perfectly. What a result! Thanks Emma. Do you think I should recreate the promotional brochure that came with it? I just need a nice Christmas jumper and a cheesy pose! Who dares me??

Remember my Pinterest Challenge entry last month? The floppy dinosaur hoodie for Sam?

well I just couldn't resist buying this gorgeous Belle & Boo postcard. So sweet. I'm so going to have to make the tail now!

I also couldn't resist the other postcards they had. I just love Belle & Boo illustrations. They really capture the innocence of childhood for me. The Belle & Boo website is absolutely gorgeous. Go and have a look!

Poor Sam has damaged a ligament in his leg this week meaning that my sewing plans for the week have been scuppered due to GP and hospital visits. He is on the mend now although still finding it difficult to walk. Poor thing. Although in reality I think he is actually enjoying playing at being an invalid. He just lies on the sofa watching DVD's shouting orders at me! I did manage to get one commission made this week. A Bunk Bed Tidy. This is the first one I have made and I'm really pleased with it. It just velcro's onto the top bunk railings. I tested it out on Sam's bunk bed and it fitted really nicely. I'm just waiting for some feedback as to whether it fits different makes/styles as nicely. It has 3 pockets for those night time essentials.

 One for a teddy/soft toy

One for books

and one for a drinks bottle

Our bunk beds actually have really useful shelves at the side of each bed but the bunk bed tidy is perfect for bunk beds that don't. I'm going to make Sam a pirate one in the new year anyway I think.

Two gorgeous photos arrived today. These dresses were sent direct to Hannah who works for a charity supporting children who live on a garbage slum in Kenya by her grandmother Sheila. Look how pretty they look in their new dresses. Thanks so much for sharing Hannah and Sheila. You can find out more about the charity they support here

Lots of fabulous new dresses have arrived recently. A huge thank you to Zimani (1 dress plus lots of beautiful handmade friendship bracelets), Wendy (7 dresses), Irene (2 dresses), Catherine at Love Dressmaking (2 dresses & 3 shorts), Elaine (3 dresses), Audrey (2 dresses), Alasdair and Grant (6 dresses plus toys), Jill (6 shorts), Wendy & members of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Days Saints in Yate (32 dresses), Hazel & Pat (4 dresses), Patricia (31 dresses taking her total to 100!) Marian (40 dresses) Zoe and members of the Norton Fitzwarren Quilting Group in Taunton (9 dresses)

Thanks everyone. The total is now 3,209 dresses and 369 shorts.


  1. I love your new sewing machine. Maybe not a treadle but it still looks a gem to own. The bunk bed tidy is also a great idea. Think you are on to a winner there Louise.

  2. I love your new sewing machine. Not a treadle but still a gem. The bunk bed tidy is such a good idea I think you are on to a winner there Louise.

  3. Love the new vintage! Interesting to see what you will be making with this lovely machine. My best vintage is the singer 221 feather weight bought at a flea market for £15!! I do get it out and have a sew on it now and again.
    Your bunk bed tidy is such a good idea and space saver! Hope you get many orders.

  4. Yes you've definitely got to recreate the promotional brochure for your new sewing machine!

  5. Love the tidy. Our son has one but it came with the bed was going to make him a dinosaur one but the shop is out of material. Will check next time I am out that way. :o)

  6. Great idea for the bunk beds. Sorry Sam is poorly, hope he recovers soon - that's a benefit of being a whippersnapper :)
    And cannot wait to see the shot of you recreating that promo for the machine - it *has* to be done :D

  7. Great blog post Louise! I had a Singer like that when I was 14 - it served me well! Happy Christmas!! x Jo

  8. Hope you and your new sewing machine have a wonderfully creative time.
    Wishing you and your loved ones a very Happy Christmas.
    Carol xx


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