Thursday, 13 December 2012

Good bye my old friend

Yesterday was a sad day. My old sewing machine, the one I got for Christmas when I was 14 (second hand in 1984!) blew up and died on me. I mean literally blew up as in there was a loud pop and smoke came out of the socket!! This machine had actually been quietly enjoying its retirement in my sewing room before yesterday. I only got it out because my so called fancy pants new machine hates me (seriously, I've blogged about it before here). Whenever I have lots of things I have to make in a rush, it ALWAYS has a hissy fit and goes wrong. This time it wouldn't sew velcro to my Superhero Capes hence my manic tweets asking for help. I even tried to get my really old vintage handcrank Singer working to finish them but couldn't remember how to thread it! So its off to sewing machine heaven (AKA the tip) for this little baby. Goodbye my old friend. You have served me well.

I eventually got my capes finished and my Christmas markets are now all out of the way. Phew! I have just put most of my leftover stock in my folksy shop so if you are looking for last minute Christmas pressies for expectant mums, babies or children, pop over and have a look!

I have bibs (big & small!)

Baking Bags

Tooth Fairy Cushions

Superhero Capes

Christmas Stockings

and Hair Clip Tidies

I ended up buying some lovely things at the last market I did. A gorgeous vintage cotton reel coat hook and some pretty wooden display shelves. These are now in my sewing room. I love them!

I signed up for a Christmas Stocking Swap on The Undomesticated Scientist blog a few months ago and have finally got round to organising myself. These will be on their way to Rachel tomorrow.

You had to send

1) a Christmas stocking

2) Something useful

I am sending a little handbag size tissue holder with Cath Kidston tissues inside

 A handmade (but not by me!) Christmas Pudding pin cushion

Couldn't resist adding this pretty little notepad

3) a handmade Christmas Decoration - My friend Jo made this one.

4) Some Smellies

Cath Kidston Bath Crystals

A Christmas Bath Bomb

5) Some Nibbles.

Rachel has 5 children so I included something for all of them

and 6) Something to play with

This was hard so I just put in some random things I thought Rachel would like. Rachel doesn't have a blog so it was difficult to know her taste although we did email each other with our likes and dislikes. I know Rachel likes lime green so I put in this gorgeous Washi tape

Some Christmas ribbon

A little handmade keyring purse

with some cute buttons in

 and a little sewing kit

All wrapped up in pretty Primark tissue paper! Hope she likes them.

After manic Christmas sewing I have decided I want to try and sew something for me now I have a bit more time so I ordered the famous 'Washi Dress' pattern from Fabric HQ. I decided to order some grey washi fabric for my first attempt and can't wait to start. You can buy the pattern online but if you want a paper copy Fabric HQ now have them in stock. Wish me luck!

and I have FINALLY started the anniversary quilt. Well I've cut cut out some of the fabric. I found it really hard to use a rotary cutter though so I am having to do it with scissors. Quilters look away now! I met a lovely quilting lady at a  craft fair last week who has promised to come round and show me the error of my ways. I hope she does! I need the help.

So is everyone ready for Christmas??


  1. The receiver of this wonderful little package will be thrilled!

  2. I found out why I was useless with a rotary cutter - suddenly dawned on me - it was for a right handed person! So I bought one which can be for either right or, like me, lefties.
    Lovely gifts for your swap partner.
    Sorr your faithful old machine is no more, hope your new one will now start behaving.
    Carol xx

  3. Hello Louise,

    Nice seeing you this morning.

    Don't chuck the machine down the tip until you've stripped it for parts - needleplate, bobbin plate, needle clamp etc. etc... the parts can be flogged on Ebay and you can raise a few quid for Dress-a-Girl.

    Anyway, just because it blew up doesn't mean it can't be fixed.

    Not that I know anything about machines that plug in.


  4. RIP 1984 Singer. You started something pretty amazing!

    No. Not ready for Christmas - in any shape or form!

  5. Lucky lady who shall receive all yhe goodies! I wouldn't part with the maschine. I am sure that it can be repaired.

    Thank you for stopping by my blogg. I am certainly not ready for christmas yet, too busy at the sewing machine. Love it.

  6. Sorry to hear about your beloved machine! I actually use the exact same Singer! Twins!


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