Thursday, 22 November 2012

Pinterest Challenge and Floppy Dinosaur Scales

Its been a manic few weeks here and I almost forgot to post my Pinterest Challenge entry for the second month running. Note to self - must do better!!

So for this months entry I made Sam a 'Hoodie-a-sauraus using this fab tutorial which I found on Pinterest

Sam loves Dinosaurs so I thought a dinosaur hoodie would be the perfect present to make him. I had bought a green hoodie from ebay a few months ago with the intention of making this and then promptly forgotten about it. So after a lengthy search to find the hoodie, I got started and here is the finished article. I finished it off with some big green buttons for dinosaur eyes.....

Dinosaur Hoodie

 Dinosaur slippers (not made by me!).

The most deadly dinosaur - The Sam-a-sauraus

It looks better in the photos than it actually is in real life. In reality the Sam-a-sauras has floppy scales!! #PinFail The tutorial suggests using felt for the scales with iron on stabiler (interfacing) . Unfortunately I didn't have any green felt or stiff interfacing and was far too impatient to wait until I could get some! Not to be deterred by the fact I didn't have ANY of the right materials for the job and in my usual rush to finish, I decided to use some green fleece and velvet fabric instead thinking that the interfacing I did have would be strong enough to make the scales stand up (it wasn't!). They are ok but flop around quite a lot. I even sprayed them liberally with spray starch (I didn't even know we possessed spray starch -its a man thing for work shirts apparently!). The starch didn't seem to do anything though. Still Sam loves it and whats a wobbly scale or two between friends?.

Sam has now decided he wants me to make these

Wish me luck! Don't forget to link your Pinterest inspired projects up to the Pinterest Challenge each month.


  1. Hi Louise. I so love your little Sam-a-sauras. Good luck with the tail :-)
    A x

  2. So totally gorgeous!! I love little Sam-a-saurus. You are a gem! x Jo

  3. It's brilliant, what a great idea!

  4. RAAAWWWRRR!! Love this!! Love those tails too.. good luck! :) xx

  5. That looks so lovely! Those tails were massive business at Camp Bestival this year, sold out at some stupid price . So if you make them. Sell them to the festival market! x

  6. Love this-right up my 3 years old's street too! x

  7. Love it! Let us know when you make the tails...!


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