Monday, 12 November 2012

Help my daughter is turning into Alan Sugar!

My 7 year old daughter has recently discovered money. Partly because we have started giving her pocket money each week and partly because it is a concept they are exploring at school. She seems to have developed strong entrepreneurial skills very quickly! Last week she charged her 4 year old brother 50p to sleep in his room with him. (She was going to anyway as he has bunk beds and she likes sleeping in the top bunk!) I am also fleeced, I mean asked to buy things from her 'shop' on a regular basis. I wouldn't mind if these things were 5p or 10p but she charges a pound or more for everything she sells! We've had to have a little chat recently about the value of money and the fact that money doesn't grow on trees (I winced as I said it!). Her prices have come down a bit but this entrepreneurial spirit was on show once again last week when we tested out a lovely drawing set from the Find Me a Gift website.

Find Me A Gift very kindly send Izzy a product to review during each school holiday. Izzy is always very excited by the things she receives as they are always such lovely, thoughtful, creative gifts that involve drawing, making or sewing. This one was no exception. A lovely magic pen kit called Trio Magic which you can find here.

Trio Magic contains special magic pens which are kind of triple pens which allow you to draw with 3 different colours at the same time. It also has special activator pens which change the colours of the triple pens. The kit also includes blank greetings cards, blank envelopes, A3 sheets of blank 'wrapping' paper, a blank photo frame and some boxes to colour in and make, allowing you to design all sorts of different things. Izzy couldn't wait to get started.

She even let her little brother have a go (I'm surprised she didn't charge him!)

Lots of designing went on. It kept them quiet for hours!

I should have known it wouldn't be long before the shop of Izzy and Sam opened though!


 I ended up buying some of Izzy's 'products' from the shop and then of course I had to buy the same amount of Sam's things too and then her dad had to buy some when he came home from work. Izzy now has more money than the rest of us put together! She has also developed a very clever ploy. If you say that you have  no money left, she announces that its because you don't like what she has made. See how clever us that is? Works every time!

We really loved this product which retails at £14.99. We used up the blanks fairly quickly but it doesn't really matter because you can just use the pens on normal paper to continue making pictures. This means that  they will last and be played with over a long time. In fact a week later Izzy is still using the pens and gaining in confidence as to what you can do with them. They would make a great present for Izzy's age upwards. Although Sam really enjoyed using them he was probably a little bit young to get the most out of them.

Find Me A Gift have thousands of gift ideas on their website including some lovely stocking filler ideas. You can find them on facebook and Twitter too. In fact I've just found a fabulous Christmas present for Izzy on the website. A Print Your Own Money Set which can be found here. A good investment for me I think!


  1. I'm sat here smiling now Louise....thank you for sharing this post. What a lovely family you have.
    A x

  2. Laughed inappropriately at the raping paper.


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