Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Dress A Girl Around the World Update

I've had a really busy month with 'Dress A Girl Around the World'. Lots of dresses have been collected over the past month to be distributed to girls in various parts of the world. 150 dresses went to Ghana, 30 to Zambia, 6 to Kenya, 250 to Zimbabwe and Malawi and 214 to 2 different projects in Uganda. 150 dresses will be going to India in November along with any shorts that arrive in the next few week (Hint hint!). I'm also hopeful that 50 dresses will go Haiti in the next few weeks. I also have possible contacts visiting Zimbabwe and Malawi in the next few months so watch this space!

I have a couple of photos to share from South Africa too. These dresses were taken by Kat from Leeds University to the townships around Durban. Gorgeous photos! Thanks Kat.

We finally have a date in the diary for a dress making day in Bristol. Its on Thursday 15 November at Cordial and Grace, a fabulous sewing cafe in Clifton, Bristol. We are running free workshops all day showing people how to make dresses and have a target of 50 dresses for the day! You can find out much more here. If you live near Bristol and want to join us please go and have a look at the website and sign up for a session. There is cake!!

Lots of dresses have been arriving too. A huge thank you to Carol (9 dresses), Annie (3 shorts), Pepper Tots (1 dress and nappy set), Elaine (4 dresses), Sue (3 dresses), Michelle (3 dresses plus hairbands), Patricia (10 dresses), Jen (13 dresses), Jill (19 dresses and 20 shorts), Sheila (6 dresses), Karen (4 dresses and 1 shorts), Avril (3 shorts), Amy and the pupils at George Stephenson High School (13 dresses), Enid (1 dress), J Amery (5 dresses plus hairbands), Ana-Cecilia and the Knit and Natter Group (32 dresses), Emma (18 dresses) and Irene (36 dresses). Phew!! Also a big thank you to 2 people I can't identify! I received a parcel of 5 gorgeous dresses from 'B' and 3 lovely dresses from someone who lives in IP4!

13 dresses arrived from Amy and her year 10 pupils at George Stephenson High School In Newcastle. Amy very kindly sent me some fantastic photos of the class making their dresses as part of their GCSE Textiles course which they are happy for me to share. I LOVED seeing all the photos!

Even better the students very kindly wrote to me telling me about themselves and what they had enjoyed about making the dresses. They were so lovely to read. Thank you everyone. Your dresses are absolutely gorgeous and I really appreciate all your hard work. Keep up the sewing!!

 The grand total of dresses so far is 2,935 dresses (nearly at 3,000!!) and 342 shorts.


  1. Wow! You've been busy. Such a great idea to get the schools involved. Making a dress or three has been on my 'to-do' list for far too long. Hoping to make it to the Sewing Day if I can get some childcare!

  2. How wonderful to see those high school pupils at their sewing machines and congratulations on collecting so many. You are doing a fantastic job.

  3. It is brilliant to see so many youngsters involved and not only are they helping others they will be learning a lifelong skill! I will post my last few frocks and shorts to you on Friday. x Jo


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