Monday, 15 October 2012

And The Winner Is...

We have a winner for the lovely giveaway from Make & Craft Magazine. A copy of the 'Love to Sew' Pin Cushion book goes to Clara. Congratulations! Please can you email me with your address and a copy of the book will be on its way!

More beautiful pillowcase dresses have been arriving recently including parcels from Pam (2 dresses), Bev (13 dresses), Carrie (4 dresses), Dorothy, Kath & Beverley (17 Dresses), Sophie and the pupils at Ashton Park Secondary School in Bristol (15 dresses), Hilary (6 dresses &6 shorts), Vanessa (12 dresses), Audrey (7 dresses), Rachel and her daughters Ellie & Hannah (7 dresses & 5 shorts), Helen (20 dresses) and Beth (1 dress). Wow! Thanks everyone. I have loved seeing what you have all made. They are all absolutely gorgeous! The total number of dresses collected is now 2,720 dresses and 315 pairs of shorts. Amazing!

It was great to see the students at Ashton Park School making dresses as I live near Bristol and I love seeing young people get involved. Sophie, their teacher, very kindly shared some photos of the students and their hard work. I wish I could sew this well when I was at school! A HUGE thank you to all of you. Look at all their fabulous dresses...

A huge thanks as well to Dorothy, Kath and Beverley who also kindly shared some lovely photos of themselves making dresses. 10 from Dorothy and 7 from Kath and Beverley.

Another 150 dresses and 40 pairs of shorts are being taken out to Ghana on Friday courtesy of Sharon from the Farm4Life charity. Sharon took out lots of dresses for us a few months ago and had a very interesting trip. I hope to share lots more info about both of her trips very soon with some photos.

I am also VERY excited as we are having a Dress Making Event in Bristol! The lovely people at Cordial & Grace Sewing Cafe in Clifton, Bristol will be hosting an event on Thursday 15 November 2012. We aim to get lots of people sewing and making dresses! More details to follow but if you live in Bristol and are interested in joining in let me know and I can contact you with more details. You can find the Cordial and Grace website here


  1. Wahey!! Some of those are my ones (cor, was it 20? I never counted!!). I'm so glad they got to you safely. :D

  2. Hi Louise - isn't it great to see so many youngsters involved in making these little frocks? I have made 3 more and 7 pairs of shorts - was thinking of dropping them off in Shrewsbury at "Space to sew" - it would save on postage. x Jo

    1. Hi Jo, Great idea! Would save on the postage costs. Didn't realise you were close to Space to Sew or would have suggested it before. xx


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