Monday, 10 September 2012

September Pinterest Challenge - Ribbon Storage

I've finally got round to making my September Pinterest Challenge 'make' to link up to the super dooper new PinAddicts website which you can find here. The rules have changed slightly since the relaunch and you now have 3 weeks every month to make something you have 'pinned' on Pinterest and link it up to the new site for everyone to see. This works much better for me. I am always last minute! A winner will now be picked on the last day of every month. All 'makes' are also featured on our facebook page here.

You may remember me being very excited about being chosen as a ribbon blogger for Jane Means Ribbons. I basically received a gorgeous selection of their ribbons and in return have to make things and blog about them. I've been pretty busy planning some ribbon tutorials (one is coming up in a week or so) and have also been wondering how best to store some of my gorgeous new ribbbons.  Pinterest is a fabulous place to get some ideas and inspiration and it didn't let me down as usual!

The first idea that caught my attention was this storage box using eyelets. A simple idea but really effective.

I had to amend the design sightly as I need to store shorter lengths of ribbons rather than rolls. I was given a set of pretty cardboard boxes a while ago as a present and they turned out to be great for this project and I'm really pleased with how they turned out. Luckily I already had an eyelet kit at home which I had never used and it was a great excuse to give it a try.

I do love these gorgeous gingham ribbons

This is my box of stripey ribbons in all different shades


I then spotted this cute idea and decided to give this a try too!

Source: via SewScrumptious on Pinterest

Again a really simple idea and very clever. I'm pretty pleased with the results although I do now have a big bowl of tic tacs I have to eat!

I wasn't sure that I liked just the plain boxes so I thought I would try out some of this self adhesive fabric I found in a shop the other day with a lovely sewing design on it.

I held the boxes together and stuck the fabric all around. What do you think? Look the little sewing machine matches the olive green ribbon. I wish I could say that was planned!!

Look at the gorgeous ribbons. I will be using two of these in my first ribbon tutorial next week so watch this space. All of the ribbons can be found on the Jane Means Website here or you can follow on facebook here and check out all of the lovely makes from the other ribbon bloggers too.


  1. I really like the idea of the covered tictac boxes for thin ribbons. Im currently "doing up" my craft studio and need storage ideas. Big bonus that your ribbons with also have that yummy minty vanilla smell! lol xx

  2. They look great. I always get in a pickle with winding up and pulling ribbons out of my disorganised sewing box. I think I need to do this! x x

  3. Fab ideas! Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. I love the tic tac box idea but what to do with all those tic tacs? I'm not a great fan!!

  5. 1) can I volunteer to eat the tic tacs and 2) where did you get the self adhesive fabric (and do they do mail order) I love it

  6. I've also seen the TicTac box idea before and liked it but it's only any good for narrow ribbons. Your boxes for the gingham ribbons are lovely. Looking forward to your ribbon tutorials.

  7. Great idea - I love that self adhesive fabric. x Jo

  8. I love these ideas! My ribbon is always getting tangled.


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