Monday, 3 September 2012

Catching Up

Its been a mad few weeks as I have been at home with the children over the holidays so I've not had much time to do anything craft related recently. I'm just trying to catch up with myself and get organised as there are big changes here as my little Sam starts school today! He is only just 4 so he seems really young but I know he will have a fantastic time with his big sister and he is really looking forward to it. This means that I will be sewing and blogging full time which is very exciting!

I have been overwhelmed with the response to my quilt post. Thank you all so much for all of your suggestions and links and ideas and offers of help. I really appreciate it. I am going to get a list of resources together to share with everyone as I start making the quilt. Whilst looking for inspiration I kept coming back to the same quilt which I had kind of fallen in love with on Pinterest.

I suddenly realised that the quilt had been part of a sewalong which meant there were instructions on how to make it! So I think I am going to give this quilt a try although I want to do a different border. I have my heart set on a love heart border.  I think the pattern gives me a chance to embroider and use photos in the centre of the stars or between the blocks which I like. I will have 49 blocks on the front and the 50th on the back where I plan to incorporate some of the other ideas people have suggested. I am sure that I will have a million questions to ask you all as I'm sure this is really far too complicated for a novice like me but I have decided to give it a try! Wish me luck and follow my progress on the blog. I have added a 'Quilt' tab so you can see how I am getting on. The next step is to choose my fabric. Watch this space!!

The Pinterest Challenge starts again today and this time it has its own dedicated website. You won't have to guess which blog is hosting anymore! You can find the website here. The linky will open on the first day of each month and will remain open for 3 weeks giving everyone time to make things each month, blog about them and link up. Please join in as its great fun seeing what everyone has made and there will be prizes! All you have to do is make something you have pinned to your Pinterest Boards. It can be anything - a sewing project, a recipe, recreating a hair style. You can find out more about how it works here.

I have also been trying to keep up to date with all the dresses that have been arriving. I am still way behind so apologies if you have sent dresses and I have not emailed you to say thank you yet. I still have a pile of boxes to open! I am slowly getting there so please bear with me. A huge thanks to the following people who have sent these dresses recently. Elizabeth and the craft group at St Pauls Church (70 dresses!), Sue (17 dresses), Jill (22 dresses and 11 shorts), Thats Sew Lilly (6 dresses and 3 shorts), Glynis (9 dresses), Irene (2 dresses), Lorraine (5 dresses), Barbara and the Deddington Craft Group (32 dresses), Karen and the Deri Quilters (20 dresses, Joan (11 dresses and toys), Audrey (9 dresses). Wow! They are all gorgeous Here is a selection...

Joan who has made lots of gorgeous dresses for the charity already very kindly organised a sewing day and sent me some photos of the dresses they made.

Kate and Emily - cutting out duty!




lots of lovely dresses!

and dolls

Hazel and Valerie

If you love the cross over style of dress above you can find a free pattern and tutorial on how to make it on this lovely blog. Joan very kindly mentioned it a while ago but I didn't get round to blogging about it. Its called the 'Good Deeds' dress and was specifically designed for charity sewing. Joan has made several and they really are very pretty. I hope to make one very soon. Thanks Joan for the tip.

Wow! Thank you everyone who was involved. Looks like great fun. The dress total is now 2,404 dresses and 239 pairs of shorts (but there are lots more to add in!). I sent off another 150 dresses to Ghana last month too.


  1. I love your new header! And WOW soooo many dresses recently - so awesome. Thanks for the PinAddicts mention, and good luck for school today! Mine only go back Wednesday.... trying to remain calm! :) xx

  2. Fantastic total of dresses and shorts Louise - what an amazing response. Love your snaps of the back to school kids too! x Jo


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