Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The one where she mixes up all the dresses and has a nervous breakdown!

I have to apologise. I have had so many dresses over the last few weeks that it has taken me a while to go through them and log them and let everybody know that they have arrived safely. The weather has also been awful so I haven't had a chance to get outside and take photos. I did manage to get lots of photos this weekend but somehow some of the piles of dresses got mixed up and name cards blew away and despite several hours spent trying to match dresses to people I have conceded defeat. I have photos of all the dresses but not necessarily matched to the right people. I am really sorry. I've been ill over the last few weeks and I think its affected my brain!

Anyway a HUGE thanks in no particular order to Gen (48 dresses all with knitted dolls!), Yvette (1 dress), a lovely person who lives in IP3 who I can't trace as I don't know their name (5 dresses), Emma (2 dresses), Karen (10 dresses) Yvonne (7 dresses) Margaret (6 dresses), Louise (86 dresses!), Laura from Spain (34 dresses for Make A Pact), Frances (3 dresses plus dolls, bags and hairbands), Jill (8 dresses & 3 shorts), Elaine (8 dresses), Janet (23 dresses & 5 shorts), Karen (9 dresses), Anne (15 dresses), Jill (46 dresses & 6 shorts). Phew! All of them beautiful. Thank you so much. I still have parcels to look at so please watch this space if yours aren't featured here.





Gen held a dress making day and I hope to share more about what she did at a later date. Louise had a great idea for helping with postage costs. She asked her friends to sponsor individual dresses for a small donation. Brilliant idea. Lots of her lovely dresses have little notes on from the people sponsoring them. A great idea for those of you that make and send lots of dresses. I know that postage/courier costs are so expensive. I was a collection point for the 'Make A Pact' dresses which have gone off to Sierra Leone with the charity.

Apologies to everyone for not matching dresses to people. I may have to continue blogging this way while there are so many dresses arriving. Is everyone happy for me to do it like this? Logging the dresses and taking photos takes up quite a lot of time at the moment and I'm keen to get on with finding contacts to take them abroad and get them to where they are needed. Made a great local contact today. Mark & Megan who have set up a project helping children living in Uganda. They will be taking 40 dresses and 30 shorts on 14 August and will be able to hopefully take dresses on a regular basis. You can read more about the work that they do here.

DRESS UPDATE: Total Dresses 2,115 Total Shorts: 212


  1. Hey I really dpn't think you should stress about matching dresses and names and even photographing them - it could take over your life! If someone really wants to be 'featured' then fine. I think it's great to see and a real motivator but so are photo's of the children wearing them and you only have to upload those! You are doing a splendid job. Maybe as things progress you could get people to send dresses to people who can deliver them for you so it cuts out your time and could save on postage. Hopefully as word spreads then people will do things independently and just let you know how many dresses have gone where.

  2. Ingrid Simmons25 July 2012 at 20:35

    It's a HUGE job to unpack, hang, photograph, label and tag for size - ask me how I know! - I wouldn't give the "problem" a second thought! You're doing a yeoman's job and doing it well, you should be very proud of yourself! I don't think any of your sewers will mind that there was a slight hiccup in the process!

    DAG West Texas

  3. I don't think anyone would mind you snapping the photos any way that makes life easiest for you Louise. All the dresses are going to the same great cause and you do an amazing job of organising it all.
    What an amazing total to date. Huge pat on the back for all concerned.
    A x

  4. Please don't worry. In fact I was going to drop you a line to say,if you could just confirm the clothes arrived, then not to worry about photos etc. well done to you for all your work. I wish I lived around the corner from you, as I'd love to help. Cheers,
    Joan x

  5. That is a lot of dresses! The fact that you make an effort to thank people individually and take pictures is amazing in itself, never mind relying on the British weather so that you can get [hotos on the washing line. Do it any way you choose: it just matters that people keep sending them :D You are doing an amazing job!

  6. As long as the dresses get to little girls and the shorts to the boys I am sure we all dont need individual photos. I try to take pics of my dresses and you are free to lift my photos to use.

  7. I think you should give yourself a break ~ just coordinating, receiving, unpacking, repacking and sending the dresses off to their new homes is a huge job in itself ~ and one which is very appreciated ~ as others have said, an acknowledgement of reciept - by email - is enough. You do fabulous work Louise ~ let yourself off the hook :)

  8. Sorry to hear you have been poorly! Hope you feel better now. I think this post is so fabulously colourful, I especially love the musical dresses! I am sure all those who send you dresses will not mind if their dresses aren't perfectly, it's just nice to have your efforts appreciated. You aree wonderful for doing this, and making so many little girls able to have a pretty dress

  9. I'm sorry to hear that you have been ill. Thank you so much for carrying on with Dress a Girl during that time. Most of us wouldn't want to do that - even when we're well! I hope you are now fully better but if you are not, I wish you all the best for a speedy recovery.

    It's wonderful that you take the time and trouble to photograph all the dresses. Generous people don't usually need to have their names up in lights proclaiming what they've done so you really shouldn't worry about that side of things.

    Congratulations on exceeding 2,000 so soon after reaching the first thousand! Isn't it amazing?

  10. The most important thing is getting the clothes to the children! The photos are fab but so much work for you. Maybe folk could take their own pics and email them to you before they send the dresses. Would save you a job *and* you'd have a record of who sent what if that matters!
    Many thanks again for all your hard work
    Marian in Altrincham xx

  11. What an amazing post Louise. I don't know how you find time to do it with so many dresses to organise. Wonderful news about your contacts. x Jo

  12. Thanks everyone! I'm not sure why I was so worried about it. It used to be fine when I had a steady trickle of dresses each week but its grown so much recently that I guess I just have to accept that I can't feature them all in the same way. The most important thing to focus on is getting them out to where they are needed! xx

  13. Thrilled to see my first dresses but humbled by the scale, standard and creativity of all this amazing work. Louise, you are a complete star in undertaking all this. XX

  14. Thrilled to see my first three dresses but humbled by the creativity and scale of the work here. Louise you are doing an amazing job! XX

  15. How wonderful! I'm building a fabric collection so that I can spend a weekend putting dresses together.

  16. I'm over the moon to see my 10 little dresses hanging up! If people really want to see a photo on your site (and is nice to see them) couldn't they photgraph them themselves so you could just grab the image from a blog or email?

    I REALLY wouldn't worry Louise, we are just grateful to you for getting our dresses to the Little Ladies who need them!


    Sorry you've been poorly {{{hugs}}} xxx

  17. Just a note to say the dresses have arrived would be fine and photos of any children in the dresses or shorts would really warm the cockles of our heart. Well done for all your hard work Louise. There will be so many happy little girls and boys around the world thanks to you! Jill B


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