Tuesday, 24 July 2012

I think I've died and gone to ribbon heaven

I am soo excited to have been chosen as a 'Ribbon Stylist' blogger for Jane Means Ribbons. Jane has sent me a selection of her gorgeous ribbons and I have to make beautiful things with them and blog about them. What a fantastic opportunity! I was like a child in a sweet shop when the box of ribbons arrived last week. They were all beautiful. All different colours, styles and textures. I have already made myself a Pinterest Board for ribbon projects and inspiration which you can find here. If you want to join this board and pin some of your own ribbon ideas, please let me know and I'll add you to the board. Jane has a great website where you can buy these beautiful ribbons by the metre or roll as well as other gift wrapping supplies. She also runs gift wrapping courses which sound amazing. You can find her on facebook here too.

I had some great ideas for my first ribbon 'make' which were firmly put to one side once I read a post on a lovely blog I stumbled across called Strawberry Patch. Emily was looking for people who could sew to make 'wiggly' bags for children in hospital. Wiggly bags are used to hold the hickman lines that many children have if they are in hospital for a long time. The hickman line is a tube which is inserted into the chest so that chemotherapy drugs can be given or blood taken. Emily is making and collecting Wiggly bags on behalf of The Olivia Holmes Foundation. They can be made using tape or ribbon so I immediately thought that this would be a fantastic way of putting some of my beautiful new ribbons to very good use. (If using ribbon please make sure that it is soft and not scratchy as the wiggly bags may be against a child's skin - the ribbons I used are fabulous quality and very soft to touch).

Wiggly bags are needed for both boys and girls and for all ages of children so I looked for a range of different fabrics to use. I used the very easy to follow tutorial on Emily's blog. They didn't take long at all. I also did some French seams for the first time!

I started with an owl fabric which matched this beautiful blue grosgrain stitched ribbon

I thought this shoe and handbag fabric might suit an older girl. Its finished off with a gorgeous purple grosgrain ribbon.

I love this fabric featuring cute little animals and the grey gingham ribbon matches perfectly.

The top ribbon ties go around the neck and the side ties around the chest.

I couldn't resist making a last minute one with this mad frog fabric and some pale green gingham ribbon.

A lovely to thing to make for my first ribbon project. Emily is asking for other people to join in too. If you can't sew or don't have time to make one you can always donate fabric or ribbon instead. Have a look at her blog for more details.

I also couldn't resist using some of my Taffeta wired ribbon to finish off the wrapping on Izzy's teachers leaving present. We wrapped it in sellophane but it needed something to finish it off. This was actually really hard. I spent ages trying to get the bow right! Think I need some gift wrapping lessons. I was quicker making the wiggly bags!!

I'm now a little bit obsessed with ribbon and look at what I stumbled upon tonight that is most definitely going on my Christmas List. A gorgeous ribbon holder from Baxter & Snow made out of a recycled wine crate. Two of my favourite things - Ribbon and Wine!


  1. Fantastic Wiggly bag project and i'm so happy to be involved!

  2. What a fab project Louise....all that wonderful ribbon to create with. Love the wiggly bags.
    A x

  3. Brilliant - great job, sure the children will love them!

  4. I might have to make at least one of these. When one of my grandaughters was three she had a wilms tumour and had to have a kidney removed and chemo with a Hickman line. she would have loved one of these.

  5. I might just have to make one of these. When one of my Grandaughters was 3 she had a tumour on her kidney and had to have it out followed by Chemo with a Hickman line. she would have loved a funky bag like this.

  6. When I get tired (if ever) of making dresses for you I guess I shall have to use the left-over bits to make some Hickman bags. Have to go and check out Strawberry Patch. And while I'm about it, and my husband has got his woodworking tools out, I'm going to turn one of the wine boxes that I have into a ribbon holder - super idea Louise. I just knew I'd kept those wine boxes for a reason! ;-)

  7. What a fabulous opportunity! Well done, you!

    The wiggly bags are great, and will bring a smile to the children who have to go through such difficult treatment. Another great cause!

  8. Thank you so much for your contribution, your bags are awesome! Love them :-)

  9. Wow, what a lot of lovely ribbon you've got to play with!

    Great fabrics you've used for the wiggly bags, they're sure to cheer the children up.

  10. Hi just wondered do you sell the wiggle bags. My little boy had his portacath fitted last wed 5 sept finding it really hard to source these bags he is only 2 so just leaving his wiggles hanging is really not an option x

    1. Hi Michelle, I don't sell them but would be happy to make you a couple (no charge) if you send me your details. Have no way of contacting you direct.

  11. Thank you so much they would be greatly appreciated we have one at the moment so wash dry wear is getting quite stressful. My address is 146 furlong road Bolton on dearne south yorks s638ha my mob is 07773883714 I would be more then happy to pay or at least pay postage. He is a monkey at the moment with his wiggles hoping he might get bored x

  12. Hi I did reply but can't see my message email address is nigeljones89@sky.com many thanks michelle x

  13. Just wanted to send you a huge thank you for the very wiggle bags for my little boy. Thet are beautiful cant wait to take him out tomorrow and show them off xxxxx


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