Monday, 4 June 2012

I'm too old for this!

Yes I actually went out dressed like this!!  An 80's night out in Bristol to celebrate the end of term (I'm wearing the sun visor). I didn't get home until 4am!! It was a great night but I was so hungover the next day that I think I am just too old now for this clubbing lark!! Great fun though. We rocked the neon look thanks to Primark.

We have been loving the jubilee celebrations here. Izzy and I made a crown for her school jubilee party. We got a bit carried away and went for a replica of the Imperial State Crown We like a challenge!!

We went to an amazing jubilee/birthday party yesterday where my very talented friend Elena made this beautiful Jubilee cake. Amazing!

 Sam was rather taken with this pretend horse and sat on it for ages!

Lots more dress action this week. The lovely Margaret and John came all the way from North Wales to collect 2 big boxes of dresses and shorts for Uganda. We sent 150 dresses and 155 pairs of shorts which will be going to Uganda very soon. Fantastic effort from everyone involved. Can't wait to hear about where they end up and hopefully share some photos. Thank you Margaret. It was lovely to meet you both.

Huge thanks to all the following people who have sent dresses and shorts this week. 

These fabulous dresses and shorts came from Fay and her mum. An amazing parcel (or 3!) to receive. 17 dresses and 16 pairs of shorts. All gorgeous!

The lovely Mo sent another 2 pairs of shorts

Jo (AKA Twiglet) sent another 3 dresses to add to her huge collection for 'Dress a Girl'

I received these 2 lovely dresses from Angie who told me that her 11 year old daughter Emily had made them for me. How fantastic. Thank you Emily. They are fabulous!

Cheryl sent these 2 gorgeous dresses. So pretty!

Caroline sent 11 gorgeous dresses. All very pretty. She also very kindly sent a donation of £20 towards postage costs. This is very generous and will come in very useful. The only costs I have for this project are  getting the dresses around the UK to people taking them abroad for me. Often we can arrange collection to save money but sometimes I have to post them so this will be very helpful. Thank you Caroline.

Pauline sent more goodies. This time a pair of shorts and 5 lovely dresses to add to her collection.

Sue sent a beautiful red spotty dress

complete with cute little rosettes on it. 

The very kind Marian hand delivered 40 dresses and 5 pairs of shorts! All absolutely gorgeous. Huge thank you to Marian, Val, Elizabeth, Glenys and Jay and so kind of Marian to drive them over too. Thank you!

and the lovely Nicole who makes gorgeous children's clothes as 'Wind the Bobbin' sent 3 beautiful dresses and a gorgeous skirt. You can see more of her lovely work on her facebook page here.

Wow! The total is now 1602 dresses and 162 pairs of shorts. AMAZING!


  1. Wow! The UK Dress a Girl is really going amazingly well. I hope you are managing to cope with all the work it involves.

  2. Love your reteo outfits ,you cant beat a good night out ,although its a while since i have had one to be honest
    Well done for all the clothes you have all collected , those dresses are so pretty ,what a lovely idea x

  3. Wow what an amazing total!!So many gorgeous frocks and shorts winging their way around the world!! Thanks lots. x Jo

  4. Your celebrations look like fun! And what an amazing amount of clothes. You and others are doing a wonderful thing... Vic:)

  5. Gorgeous dresses and shorts - I bet the children will LOVE them very much. What a great cause


  6. Wow, some really lovely dresses you have there!
    And I really love the Jubilee/birthday cake, it looks scrumptious.
    Are you enjoying the Jubilee celebrations? I'm having a Jubilee giveaway on my blog if you would like to enter.. or share with someone who might like to :)


  7. Is the dress challenge still on? I have a load of pretty pillow cases that I could use.


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