Sunday, 6 May 2012

The power of Twitter

Much excitement here this week as the lovely Ruth Langsford tweeted about the 'Dress a Girl' appeal several times and also sent me a lovely email. It has such a fantastic response when a well known person retweets you on Twitter and already I have had lots of offers of support from people wanting to make dresses. I especially loved Ruth retweeting me as I am a massive 'This Morning' fan (and have blogged several times about Phillip Schofield!). It made my day.

Twitter is such an amazing tool. It never ceases to amaze me how it can put you in touch with people all over the world in an instant. The also very lovely Emma Forbes retweeted a link to my blog last month and was kind enough to put me in touch with  a lady called Jennie in Uganda who she thought might be interested in what I was doing. Jennie happened to know Ruth and very kindly put in a good word for me (hence Ruths lovely tweeting about me). Jennie also put me in touch with a fantastic organisation in Uganda called Childs i Foundation. They do amazing work providing short term protective care for abandoned children age 0-2 year old whilst also trying to resettle them in permanent family homes. You can find out more about their fantastic work on their website or watch this video about the work they do

They celebrated their second birthday this week so I thought I would give them a mention. I will hopefully be sending a little package of dresses to them soon. I would never have made all these great links without the power of Twitter and the kindness of complete strangers. Thank you everyone!

We have another box of dresses going to a school in Uganda at the end of the month. 150 dresses and hopefully 123 pairs of shorts for the boys (we just need another 40!). We have had fantastic support from other lovely people to enable this to happen including..

Hilary from Lemonloves who sent 10 pairs of fabulous shorts for Uganda. 

4 dresses from Kathy using the prettiest fabric. I have some of this fabric in my stash. Its gorgeous!

24 fabulous dresses from Pauline who is an ongoing supporter who has sent lots of dresses. All gorgeous! Such pretty details on all the pockets making the dresses so special for whoever receives them.

A box of 50 dresses (yes 50!) from Christine and the Crafting Cousins Craft Group all the way from Wales (via some firemen in Bristol!!) Beautiful dresses in all sorts of colours and sizes.

Lots of the dresses had the cutest little knitted teddies in the pockets too. So sweet. 

More gorgeous dresses from Pat, another long term supporter who sent a parcel of 18 lovely dresses.

I was very also excited to receive a dress from Sophia who is only 9! Look at how pretty it is. Sophia had been wanting to make a dress for ages but broke her arm and had to wait for it to recover. Well done Sophia. Its a great dress. I wish I was as good at sewing when I was 9. Beautiful!

She also sent a little tag to send with the dress with her details and a lovely photo. I wasn't sure if she wanted me to share the photo or not so I'll just share the back. Such a lovely idea.

So thats 1410 dresses and 83 pairs of shorts so far. AMAZING. Thank you to everyone involved!


  1. Amazing. Twitter can be a wondeful thing. :o) xx

  2. Such a lovely post - well done on all the Twitter success - the more people who hear about the dresses the better. What beautiful frocks too and well done Sophia - that frock is gorgeous - what an achievement at 9!! Our little parcel will be on its way now. If you still need more shorts email me and I will see what I can do. x Jo

  3. Fabulous news! It's definitely doing a good job of helping to spread the news. Unless I've missed something, Mr Wan and Ms Allsop should be a little ashamed at not having joined in by now!.
    Beautiful dresses and those shorts are great! Fabulous zingy colours. They're going to look brilliant on the boys.


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