Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Pillowcase dresses reach Goa, India

I received this gorgeous photo yesterday. Dresses that were taken to Goa, India in March. I should be getting more photos and information soon so this is just a little teaser but I couldn't resist showing you these gorgeous girls in their dresses!!

Lots more parcels today! 15 pairs of shorts from the fabulous Pam. A massive supporter of our shorts project. She was determined we would reach our target for Uganda!

8 gorgeous pairs of shorts from Sara who tweets @SewLittleToSay

5 beautiful dresses from Lorraine who blogs at HeyBirdieDesigns

Love these fabrics. So pretty and colourful.

6 gorgeous dresses from Sarah

Just love these pink and blue dresses

More gorgeous dresses from Fiona who blogs at lovealfie

A lovely parcel from Joan who sent 2 pairs of shorts complete with the cutest little soft toys and knitted people.

and 6 dresses. All with little gifts in the pockets. Such a lovely idea!

Love this dress particularly. Such a lovely pattern and fabric.

A lovely box of dresses from the children and staff at St Marys Catholic School, Durham. Not only did they send 15 pairs of shorts and 18 dresses.They also added little notes in the pockets for the children that receive them. Brilliant idea!

Look  how pretty the dresses look on the line.

I got my little helper Sam to assist!

The school also held a fashion show using the dresses and raised a fabulous £500 for their local hospital. You can read more and see photos on the school blog here and here. Thank you everyone! Amazing effort all round!

I also received an AMAZING box of goodies from the very generous Jill who sent 59 dresses!! Yes 59. All sizes and colours and all beautiful. The sun came out again so I took the opportunity to take some more washing line photos.

Every dress has lovely little details such as pockets or bows and buttons. So pretty. Thanks Jill. Fabulous dresses.

Total is now 1517 dresses and 137 pairs of shorts.


  1. Wow - this is amazing. I love the notes that were included for the kids - and the little knitted toys. Job well done!!'

  2. Oh, wow! What a wonderful, bumper crop and what a terrific fundraising idea by the school!

  3. Wow, 1517 dresses - that's amazing!
    How cute is the photo of the girls in their prett dresses - so adorable x

  4. Oh wow. I'm so thrilled at how it has all escalated. So many very generous people will result in so many little boys and girls feeling loved. Well done Louise.
    A x

  5. Wow ~ so much goodness ~ so much generosity and time ~ love the picture from goa, I have been sharing the facebook link you posted ~ hoping to find more time for dresses or shorts after the end of June ... :)

  6. What a fantastic post Louise - so many gorgeous frocks and shorts and such an amazing total. Three more frocks on their way to you today! x Jo

  7. Oh my, I can't believe you've got up to so many now!

    Lovely photo from Goa.

  8. Hello Louise,
    I am so glad to be part of something positive WOWZA....YOUR POST ARE FANTASTIC....Amazing creative blessed I feel to be part of this group!!!

    All those beautiful dresses...and the children that will be getting a dress just marvelous!!!
    Louise thank you for keeping this going !!!

  9. Looking forward to making some dresses! I have been going through my wardrobe and I have found a skirt and a dress which I think that I could turn into nice dresses. As long as the finished product is a similar style to the pillowcase dress would this be o.k.? x

    1. Hi Charlotte, Yes thats absolutely fine. Look forward to seeing what you make!! x

  10. Just found your blog via the article in Simply Homemade. What a wonderful project with some lovely clothing!

  11. I found your blog via the article in Simply Homemade. What a wonderful project with some lovely items of clothing!


  12. Hello! I found you by searching for patterns for A Dress A Girl. My church has a small ladies sewing group and I suggested this as a fun project. I had stumbled across mention of ADAG a year or so ago and couldn't get the idea out of my mind. The pillowcase dresses are adorable, but I remember seeing another pattern... I think the pink dress above with the sort of wrap look to the bodice might be it! Could you possibly direct me to the source? Thanks ever so much. Please feel free to email me at diane at


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