Sunday, 8 April 2012

The lurgy returns

Its been a bit quiet here as we have all had the lurgy. It always happens in the run up to Easter or Christmas. One or more of us gets ill. This time it has been Izzy and I. I have really enjoyed watching all the fab entries for this months Pinterest Challenge come in but have just not had the energy to blog very much. I'm starting to feel a bit better now so thought I'd better get myself going again.

So are you ready for a laugh? Want to see me and my friends at our glamorous best?? I'm at the back holding the loaf of bread.

Year One mums making sandwiches last week for the school 'movies and munchies' fundraiser. We don't normally wear this I have to say, we just put it on to surprise and wind up another member of the sandwich making team!

150 rounds of sandwiches later and we were done!

We don't always look like that honest. Sometimes we even get to go out looking normal. We went to a murder mystery night last week which was amazing (and I was very sceptical!). Really good fun. Clearly I had no idea who 'dunnit' especially after 4 large glasses of wine but it was really good fun questioning the so called 'guests' at the 'wedding' and trying to work out who was guilty.

If my leg looks a bit funny in the photo above its because I had to wedge my broken toe into a pair of shoes.  It was agony but it was that or wear wellies! The wine worked wonders painwise!!

Lots of lovely dresses have been arriving over the last week.

Two beautiful dresses from Clare at Devon Red.

3 fabulous pairs of shorts from @AniAur on Twitter. These will be off to Uganda soon.

35 fabulous dresses and 14 pairs of shorts from the lovely Dina and her friend Cyndy. An amazing parcel to receive.

Four more beautiful dresses from the very kind Fi who blogs at Love Alfie

More fabulous dresses (18!) from Pat who very kindly took some photos for me too. Thanks Pat. Appreciate it.

10 lovely dresses from the Westerfield Stitchers. A huge thanks to all invoved.

and finally 8 fabulous dresses from the very kind Nic of Nicsknots who made these dresses with her sewing group. I really appreciate it guys. Nic has a lovely blog too.

So many lovely dresses and our total is now 1238 dresses and 25 pairs of shorts. We deperately need more shorts to go to Uganda in May if anybody can help. I will be making some soon!

Celebrity Twitter stalking has been going well. Lots of lovely retweets this week from Emma Freud (as in Comic Relief founder Emma Freud!), Emma Forbes who gave me some fabulous contacts and Louise Mensch MP. Thank you lovely people. Kirsty Allsop and Gok Wan I'm coming to get you!!

and when we got home a plant I inherited decided to do this! So gorgeous. Spring really is here

 It must be Spring. I have new wellies (a rather lovely Mothers Day pressie)

but not as lovely as my Hama bead picture and hand drawn card. I was a bit worried as Jon and Sam appear to be in prison while Izzy and I float on a multi coloured sea but I was reliably informed that Jon and Sam are actually playing football whilst we are on the rainbow slide at Puzton Park (a softplay near where we live). Phew!


  1. Hi Louise. So sorry to hear you two girls have been poorly. Hope you both feel 100% very soon. I just sit and grin when I see all the wonderful dresses and shorts that you have being made and at how the appeal has grown....It's just brilliant. Well done to all concerned....especially you Louise.
    Biggest hugs,
    A x

  2. Wow, impressive quantities of sandwiches AND dresses!!! x

  3. Wow - very impressive quantities of both sandwiches AND dresses!! x


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