Sunday, 25 March 2012

Move over Graham Norton, there's a new girl in town

Fresh from the success of a RT from Graham Norton I thought I would see if I could get some other lovely celeb to help me out. It really has such an impact when it happens and really boosts your spirits so on Friday I gave it a try and this happened

The very lovely Lauren Laverne who presents the 10 O'Clock Live show on Channel 4 (but who I remember from my days working in a record shop when she was in the band Kenickie) not only retweeted a link to my blog but called it 'A lovely thing!'.

It had an immediate impact. My twitter feed went mad for a couple of hours with people retweeting the link, following me and best of all offering to help. Lots of new people have signed up to make dresses so thank you Lauren. I really appreciate it and if you ever want to learn to make a dress - I'm your girl!!

Alison who blogs as Peggys Pickles set herself the challenge of making dresses last year and organised for her dresses to go direct to Kenya. She has very kindly allowed me to share some of the photos. You can see more on her blog here. What gorgeous girls!

Lots more fabulous dresses have been arriving all week.

4 gorgeous dresses from Lynn. So pretty.

Love the little details like the applique hearts and ribbon on the pocket button.

17 more fabulous dresses from the lovely Patricia who has sent lots of of amazing dresses. 

She also made and sent 2 little humanity dolls. They are so sweet.

7 beautiful dresses from Judi from Gothic Wolf Designs

Love this fabric. Its so pretty.

8 dresses from the lovely Lynda from Tutuly. She also very kindly sent a skirt and some vest tops

2 cute little dresses from Susannah of Zero to10 Interiors. So pretty!

The flowery one on the left is reversible too. Look!

3 pairs of boys shorts from Anna . Fabulous! Sam said these were 'Elmer the Elephant' shorts! I have been asked if we could send 170 pairs of shorts with some dresses to Uganda in May. We have about 10 pairs at the moment so if anyone wants to make shorts that would be so helpful!! The age range of the boys is 5 to 14.

2 lovely dresses from Jane at Bagsocharm. So sweet.

and finally another 30 dresses from the 'Dress A Girl' legend that is Jo (see last post). Jo and her sister Annie have made 401 dresses between them! 

Thanks guys. These all have homes to go to and over the next few months will be off to Uganda, India and Ghana.

Huge thanks to Mary too who held a 'Dress a Girl' sewing evening and made 13 gorgeous dresses. Mary has a lovely sewing blog which I really recommend and has been making dresses for the charity for much longer than my involvement. You can read more about the evening here

Total number of dresses to date is 1161


  1. A fabulous total - well done to all involved.

  2. Hi Louise. I feel very excited at all the worderful developments for the cause. You are doing a brilliant job. Huge pat on the back for you.
    A x

  3. It's wonderful to see Dress a Girl in the UK going from strength to strength.

    Well done, everyone.

  4. Wow, I love that dresses keep coming in! Well done for all your coordination. x

  5. Hello, i love this and would like to make some shorts to send somewhere. I'm in the UK, what can i do? I have a great fabric stash and make shorts (& pj trousers) for my boys so can happily make some up to send to you. Please can you let me know.
    Do you have a FB page for this?

    1. Brilliant! Thank you. Have just emailed you details inc link to facebook page. x

  6. Fantastic stuff - I have one made, but want to add another couple now i've got the hang of the pattern. well done on the tweeting!

    1. Fab! Thanks so much. Its a bit addictive isn't it!!

  7. Great stuff going on there to promote the cause and what a great total so far!! Thanks for the lovely comment - I will get going again soon. x Jo

  8. well done, you should be really proud of yerself :-) p.s have you tried kirsty allsopp??

    1. Yes I keep trying Kirsty but she is ignoring me!! I will keep at it. Also keep trying Gok Wan.


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