Thursday, 8 March 2012

Bird Cages and Dinosaur Feet

I didn't expect to come home with dinosaur feet and a bird cage when I went to the shops this morning. I was only going for hay for the guinea pigs but I ended up with these little beauties...

One very happy boy and only £1.99 in the sale. The only thing is I appear to have promised to make a dinosaur costume to go with the feet! There has been a lot of dinosaur stomping and roaring today.

I also bought this bird cage. Obviously its not a real one but it just looked so pretty. It was £8 so I couldn't resist. I was thinking I could make some little fabric birds to go inside maybe? Better go and have a look on Pinterest! Izzy loves this and has already borrowed it for her bedroom.

The shop also had these cute little boxes for £1.99. So pretty that I bought one for Izzy and one for me!

I also really loved this little suitcase also £1.99. These are really useful of displaying things at craft fairs. I fill them with purses or little things and they look really cute. I'm very pleased with my purchases!

I finally got round to making another dress! Mainly because I am running a little dress workshop at the week-end for some of my #Pinaddicts team and I wasn't sure I could remember how to do it! The fabric was very kindly donated by Allyson

I finished off the ties with some beads. I might have to make another one tomorrow.

I also received a lovely dress from Ellie who contacted me through facebook. A lovely dress made with colourful heart fabric. So pretty! Thanks Ellie.

Total is now 998!

This months Pinterest Challenge continues to go really well with 35 entries so far. Pop over to Melksham Mums blog to have a look. Its not too late to join in. You have until Monday to make something and link it up. This months prize is a £50 Experience Days voucher so its well worth giving it a go. The winner is picked at random. You can see some of the #Pinaddict teams 'makes' below.

Kerry at Life, as I Know It made some gorgeous chocolate spoon things. Perfect for dipping in hot milk!

and Mum2BabyInsomniac made the most gorgeous fabric covered box. Love it!

I had a fantastic response to my button post so I know a lot of you are as addicted to buttons as me! NoodleBubble is running a fab button swap on her blog which I've just signed up to. Pop over and have a look!

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  1. Lovely box and suitcase, where did you get then? I'm always looking for pretty things to store all my sewing stuff in and they would be perfect....

    1. Hi Louise. They are from Store Twenty One. I don't usually find much in there but they seemed to have lots of nice things this week. All pretty cheap too.

  2. I love the dinosaur feet and will look forward to seeing the rest of the suit :-) Your buys are really lovely. Don't you find some amazing bargains?
    The 1000 dress post is just round the corner now I's so exciting.
    A x

  3. Ooooh love the suitcase with sweets on - I need to buy!! Nieces would love them with a pillow case dress in.....x

  4. oh man.. where did you buy the bird cage and suitcase??????!!!! stunning! Thanks for linking over to us all, I'm doing my pin-up tomorrow! Soooooooooo excited for Sunday - whoop whoop!

  5. Oh my goodness are we on the second pintrest challenge already? Better get looking at what I have pinned recently.

    I love your dresses and that bird cage is beautiful.

  6. Thanks everyone. It was all from Store Twenty One.


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