Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Pinterest Challenge Day 3

Todays offerings from the #Pinaddicts Team Pinterest Challenge are from But Why, Mummy Why?

The most AMAZING Rainbow cake. I am so making one of these for Izzy's next party.

and Just Above Average Mum who made THE most gorgeous heart wreath. How pretty is that?

Can I also share with you the most gorgeous button hair clips that my lovely friend Debi made. These are so pretty.

Fabulous 'makes' I think you will agree!! All inspired by Pinterest

Its not to late to join in!! You can make anything big or small. It doesn't have to be fancy. There is a prize!! Come on you know you want to!!


  1. Ooh, great things to make! I made a rainbow cake for my son's birthday last year - he loved it! We called it a firework cake though... Would like to join in the challenge but I know I won't have time! Have fun:) Vic x

  2. Fantastic makes! I want some of that cake. Now!


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