Monday, 6 February 2012

The Pinterest Challenge begins and I am completely addicted already!

I wasn't supposed to blog about my Pinterest Challenge 'make' until Thursday but we all got soo excited about the launch of the challenge that we all decided to do it today! You might remember me blogging about the challenge here. You find something on Pinterest that inspires you each month, try to recreate it at home and then link up to share your 'make' with others. One person will be chosen at random each month to win a lovely prize!

I have been inspired by so many things on Pinterest but I thought I would play it safe and stick with sewing for my first challenge. I decided to try and recreate this patchwork fabric basket for my first make as its so pretty and I thought it would test my sewing skills.

Now I have to admit to not really looking at the measurements initially and was thinking it would be a good toy basket but its actually quite small and much more suited to cotton reels than toys!! My brain just doesn't do measurement at all as you can tell! A couple of hours later and the finished article looked like this...

Not bad for a first attempt. It was so lovely to have a reason to try something a bit out of my comfort zone and I learnt lots making it. There was a little bit of unpicking and only a tiny amount of swearing! I actually thought I would hate the little patchwork squares bit as I don't have much patience but I think I am a convert to patchwork now. I loved the patchwork part, choosing the fabrics and seeing it come together. I had so much fun making it that I actually picked a second project to do as well!! This time I choose to make a little tissue holder.

This is one of the best tutorials I have ever used! It is so simple and quick to make and looks amazing. If you are a novice sewer then this is the project to start on. It is so satisfying to make.

I got a little bit carried away and made loads. Guess what all my friends are getting for their birthdays!

Not content with making two things, I also decided that my other half should embrace his creative side for a change and roped him in to make something. I had a project that I had wanted to do for ages that involved drilling but I am a bit scared of power tools so I decided that this should be his Pinterest challenge. He gamely agreed to give it a go even when I told him he would be making this......

I can't be trusted with a drill. Drilling is definitely mans work!!

I think he actually enjoyed making the cake stands (he is game for a laugh) although I did say he could actually choose his own project next time. Well done Jon! So are you inspired to have a go? You have a week to pin, make and link. If you want to join in then just go over to Kerry's blog and link up here.

There is a facebook page for people who don't have blogs. We can post your photos here

Lets tweet about it too! Don't forget to use the hashtag #pinaddicts

Also remember to go and have a look at all the other 'makes' for inspiration. Lots of lovely new blogs to follow hopefully.


  1. Love your makes Louise....will have to pop back when I have a little more time to looks at the blog hop :-)
    We have had a great fun day Monday here and have posted another rather large parcel to you today [check out my today's post to see the sky diving that it included :-) ].....this parcel has another 71 dresses in it!
    A x

  2. Ha ha I love how your husband's crafting had to involve a power drill! Very nice though.
    I love love love the basket, the colours on yours and the original are scrummy! I'm a bit concerned that it was a test of your sewing skills - what hope have I got of maling a basket now??!! Someone else did the tissue sleeves too! x x


    love how you say 'A couple of hours later and it was done' that would have taken me a couple of years! Seriously, you guys have done such brilliant makes..

    I've always wanted a Cake Stand thingie, I'm SO showing Dave this post :)) xxxxxxxxxx

  4. You have outdone yourself!
    Fab patchwork basket. Love it for sewing bits and bobs.
    The tissue holder is brilliant and I suspect you may even have a few left over for stocking fillers.
    And those cake stands are amazing! I want!!!

  5. Seriously impressive crafting going on here! I'm definitely going to try the tissue boxes as they're proving popular on this month's #PinAddicts! Where did you get the metal spoke things for your cake holders? Smith x

  6. Wow, you've been very productive between the two of you!
    I love everything you've made.

  7. Wow these are all amazing! I love the basket at the top and I think I will be making tissue holders for everyone's Xmas presents this year! x

  8. Your patchwork basket is gorgeous! I love the fabrics you've used, I prefer what you've done compared to the natural linen used in the pinterest basket.
    The tissue holders are so sweet and so so simple! I'm definitely going to have a go at making some myself. :-)

    Ashley xxx

  9. Wow! wow! wow! I am sooooo them all! x

  10. Love the basket, love the tissue holder (especially the owl one), love the plate stands...... Just a whole lot of happy here!!!


  11. Love your creations, the basket is lovely and I think your DH could just have started a new business.
    I'm keeping away from Pinterest, it looks far too much fun/addictive.
    Carol xx

  12. what a fabulous idea with the DIY cake stands! Where did you manage to find the metal rod for the middle of them? definately need to try this myself :)
    Jessie, xo

    1. You find them on ebay along with the correct drill bit you need. Have a look here

  13. Wow they are all ace!! I kept scrolling down thinking that looks fab, and that, and that. Fab!! I might have to play!

  14. Good grief woman! Not one, not two but three projects??!!

    Love all your makes, if the tissue holder is as simple as you say, I might give it a go.

    I have a stash of plates in the cupboard waiting for my to pluck up the courage to drill them too!

  15. Oh wow! I bow down in your awesome crafty-ness presence! There is no way I could even attempt these at the moment. Who knows maybe after a few months (and years) of PinAddict Challenges! ;-)

  16. I am def going to try one of the tissue holders today. They look great. Sue x

  17. love all your things louise - i know what you mean about those travel tissue holders - completely addictive!x

  18. I love, love, love the cake stands. Where did you get your supplies from?


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