Sunday, 5 February 2012

One More Sleep...

Yes one more sleep until the start of the Pinterest Challenge!! From tomorrow you will be able to link up your 'make' to Kerry's lovely blog here for a week. Its simple, you find something you love on Pinterest, try and recreate it at home, blog about it with photos of the original and your version (good or bad!) and add the link to your blog to Kerry's so that we can all come and say hi and have a look! A lucky crafter will be chosen at random to win a prize! If you don't have a blog, we can post your photo on to the #pinaddicts facebook page instead.

You have one week from tomorrow to add your link. Please come and join in as its a great way of making yourself get making and trying new things. It can be anything that has inspired you on Pinterest - sewing, crocheting, baking, a DIY project. Check out my Pinterest page to see what I might be making. The #Pinaddicts team will be revealing their 'makes' during the week so pop back here on Thursday to see mine!

Its been a busy week here. Izzy had to do a project on Isambard Kingdom Brunel for school. Clearly no project on IKB is complete without a hat to wear!

OK so I made mine extra tall for comedy effect.

It was very useful for carrying the real project in. It seemed like such a good idea at the time but it took hours and in my usual style I left it until the evening before hence much manic sewing and a little bit of swearing!

The 'Dress a Girl'  appeal continues to grow bigger! The lovely Pam sent me another 2 parcels of dresses which are all absolutely gorgeous. These are slightly different to the her first batch. I love seeing the different variations of the pillowcase design.

I love this vibrant pink fabric. So pretty

Pam also included some dresses for older girls which is brilliant with some lovely rosette type brooches.

Two of the dresses were reversible too! Look the dress below can be turned inside out into...

another beautiful dress. So clever!

Thats another 15 dresses which takes our total to 814. Well on our way to 1000! Thank you Pam.

A big thanks to Shirley who contacted me on facebook asking if she could send me some fabric. I never turn down free fabric and so Shirley very kindly sent me 6 metres!! Fantastic. My Pinaddicts Team are meeting soon for a dress workshop so they better be prepared to sew fast and make lots of dresses! We have fabric to use..

My photo really doesn't do the fabric justice. The fabric on the left is a beautiful lilac colour. Its so hard to get decent photos in this weather.

I love this vibrant blue fabric.

Jo who I met on Twitter also very kindly offered me some free fabric. Her sister didn't live too far away so I was able to collect this huge roll of  lovely bright fabric in person. I ended up collecting it from her recycling bin as she was out when I was nearby. It was hilarious. I felt very shifty going to someones house and taking something out of their bin and walking away with it. It must have looked very strange to any passers by especially as the fabric was wrapped in bin liners to protect it so you couldn't see what is was. Luckily I didn't get arrested!

I am always overwhelmed that people I have never met can be so kind. Thank you Shirley and Jo. I think I am going to be busy over the next few months! I'm also hoping to share some of this fabric with some local schools and colleges who want to get involved in the project.

and finally if you want to learn more about machine applique then pop over to Flossie Teacakes blog. She has just written a fabulous 26 page ebook about machine applique giving great tips on what to do. I purchased a copy immediately and its fantastic value at only 3.00. Its full of photos to illustrate what to do and mistakes to avoid. I find photos so much easier to follow than diagrams. Florence makes beautiful things and really knows her stuff so I would definitely recommend it. This is one of her beautiful appliques

I know. Absolutely gorgeous!


  1. I read about your Pillowcase dresses a while ago and filed it mentally under 'things to do', but shamefully forgot about it. Going to see if I can hijack one of our newly formed sewing clubs to get a few made. So glad to see it's still going strong!

  2. I read about your Pillowcase dress project a while back but shamefully forgot about it. Going to see if I can hijack one of our newly formed sewing club's afternoons to get some made. Glad to see it's still going strong!

  3. Wow all those dresses and fabric! They are all really gorgeous. 1000 here we come....and beyond :-)
    A x

  4. I tend to add a decent pinch of swearing to most last minute projects heading towards school too... hat is BRILL! X

  5. Thanks for putting pics of my dresses on your blog. At first I just made dresses with what I had but as word got around I am being offered lots of pillowcases and bits of material which even if quite small can be used for the bodices and also another two lovely valances which mean I will be able to make some more longer dresses. Proves that out there there is lot of unused bits of material and bedding that can be made into dresses. Pam

  6. Thank you for putting pictures of my dresses on your blog. As word has got round of what I am doing more bits of material (which i use for the bodice) pillowcases and some more valances have arrives so I will be able to continue sewing. I also bought material from Sew La La but I am only at the looking and feeling that material yet lol.


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