Thursday, 2 February 2012

A day full of loveliness

The loveliness started last night when I found out I was runner up for Sewing Blog of the Year 2011.   I am so pleased. Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote for me. I've been told that some crafty goodies are on their way to me. How exciting!! Congratulations to the House of Pinhero for winning and thank you to The Sewing Directory and Backstitch for organising.

It was time to announce the winner of my Experience Day giveaway too. The lucky person who will win a £50 Experience Day voucher is.....

Katy from Love Lemon! Well done Katy. The photo of Izzy with the winning ticket was too blurry to use I'm afraid so you'll have to trust me on this one!! Please can you email me to give me your address. We can't wait to see what you choose!

The loveliness continued this morning when a package full of fabric from a fabulous online fabric shop called Sew La La arrived. Not only are the fabrics absolutely gorgeous and very reasonably priced but Kath from Sew La La donated 6 metres of fabric to make pillowcase dresses with as well lots of pieces of fabric for pockets/decoration etc when she read about the 'Dress a Girl' campaign. She is also spreading the word on her blog and website. Thank you Kath. I really appreciate it. I am running a dress workshop in March with my #Pinaddicts colleagues who want to learn to make dresses so we can hopefully use some of the fabric then.

I have to admit to getting a bit carried away when I ordered my own fabric from Sew La La. It was all so pretty! Look how could I resist?

I love this green fabric. I already had a fat quarter of this and it is gorgeous.

These two are my favourites I think. Just lovely

although these two come a close second

a few girly ones for Izzy

These were on sale!

I highly recommend Sew La La. Great service and the fabric came the next day!

I actually had a few hours to do some sewing today. A friend and one of Jons cousins have both had babies so I made some bibs for presents. I used the Bandana Tutorial that I posted here.

I don't have a baby to try them on anymore so I had to resort to Sam's Bear instead.

 I used my new gadget to put on the poppers!

Lots of new dresses have also arrived over the last week. This is the first 40!! These were from the lovely ladies at The Create Place who held a dress making workshop recently. 30 dresses in all! All different sizes and styles. Some made from fabric and some upcycled pillowcases. Thanks everyone. Gorgeous dresses.

love this bird design.

6 dresses arrived from the very kind Caroline who contacted me through facebook. They are gorgeous! I love the fabrics that were used!

and these 4 are from the lovely Louise who has just started a blog called stitchnmusic. Pop over and say hi. All so pretty.

this little dress has the cutest pocket

and this a lovely heart shaped pocket

Thank you everyone. We are now at 799 dresses!! I have 2 parcels waiting to be photographed though so we are actually over the 800 mark!!

Don't forget if you are joining in with the Pinterest challenge you need to be ready to blog about your 'make' and link it up from Monday. All week we will be blogging and tweeting and showing our own efforts and someone will win a prize!!


  1. Wow, lots of yummy frocks and yummy fabric can I come live at your house?

  2. Gorgeous fabrics...what a lovely shop too.
    Well done with the hugetotal of dresses now Louise. The latest batch are really lovely.
    I'm on the search for two particular fabrics so please can you let me know if you know a stockist that has yellow cotton fabric with blue stripes OR blue cotton fabric with tiny yellow stars.
    A x

  3. Fabulous dresses! Your new fabric is gorgeous and I think I need to follow your link and check out the site. x Jo

  4. Firstly well done in the blog 2011 competition. Have just seen the fabrics you bought and they made me smile. I have just finished using some of them in a quilt for my goddaughter. You will be getting the offcuts on some of my next batch of frocks!

  5. Thank you so much ! Your work with dress a girl is fantastic. I sew some too but if you need more I can send some on your way. xx

  6. Congraulations on the blog competition - that's fantastic. And so pleased you got the Create Place dresses and they will be going to a good home at some point :o)

  7. What a fab post. LOVE your fabric. UR a fabric junkie!!! Well done to your giveaway winner. Brilliant. Wonderful dresses - so impressed!xx

  8. Wow, what a fab post. Beautiful fabric - UR a fabric junkie! Well done to your giveaway winner. Brilliant. And congrats with runner up Blog of the Year!! Crack open the celebratory wine! The dresses are amazing - so impressive xxx

  9. Ooooh, lush fabrics. One day I am going to buy a huge stash for myself and probably just sit and look at it longingly! I wish bandana bibs were available when mine were at the milky dribbly phase, they look lovely x x.
    I'm really looking forward to your sewing 'workshop' - sounds very official now - and meeting you! V x x


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