Monday, 27 February 2012

All the eights - 888 dresses!

Another 24 dresses arrived this week taking our total to 888 dresses. We are getting close to my New Year target of 1000. How exciting!

8 gorgeous dresses arrived from the very kind Jane. Jane if you are reading this please can you get in touch as for some reason I can't find any contact details for you and I haven't been able to contact you personally to say thank you!

5 more pretty dresses arrived from the lovely Hilary at Lemon Loves blog. I just love the ric rac at the bottom of the dresses. So cute.

and 11 more dresses from the very generous Louise who blogs at Stitchnmusic. Gorgeous fabrics and the cutest pockets.

Thanks everyone. Its much appreciated.

I went to the Bristol flea market again last week-end and came away with this spice rack which I have other plans for. All will be revealed shortly!

A bundle of ribbon and trimmings and buttons

Some of it really pretty and sparkly

A few random bits of fabric that I couldn't resist for a pound!

I was also lucky enough to go and see this last week with some work colleagues


A seriously brilliant night out. The highlight being watching Len, Craig and Bruno dancing at the end. I will definately be going again next year. It was so much fun. Robbie won on the night we went in Cardiff - mainly because he is welsh! Harry Judd was looking mighty fine and definately got my vote!!


  1. Wow, well done on organising all these dresses! You have done an amazing job!

    I am a bit jealous of your strictly treat too! xx

  2. More really fab dresses Louise and even more on their way from my wonderful big sister too [she sent another 31 yesterday!]. She really is working hard to clear our last lot of material while I am up to my ears in sewing for customers....she is a gem.
    A x
    ps will email you with our numbers and details soon.

  3. Wonderful dresses and you will soon reach 1000!

  4. Oooh! I love Strictly ... I bet it was a great night out!! Well done on getting so close to your target, I predict you will be there before the end of March! And thanks for the link ;)

  5. Hiya!

    Nice trims and bits....intrigued by the spice rack....!

    1st dress done but I need to keep it so that on our Africa Day Sew-in, all my lovely helpers *huh-herm!* know what we are trying to achieve!

    But take a look....does that look ok?

    Can you point me in the right direction for scaling up to make larger sizes?

    Thanks N xx


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