Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Mosiac Magic

A box of gorgeous dresses arrived a few days ago from the lovely Emma who runs the Cragg Sisters Tea Rooms. Emma has held several sewing events on behalf of 'Dress  Girl Around the World' (you can see photos here) and very kindly sent me 37 (yes 37!!) beautiful dresses. I was hoping the sun would come out so I could hang them all on the washing line for a photo but it was not to be so instead I managed to create a mosiac of dresses (helped by the very kind Sarah from Chic Quilt Geek who told me how to do it!)

Thanks so much Emma. The dresses are beautiful. This takes our total to 690 dresses. My next target is 1000!!


  1. 1000 not so very far away now :-) :-) :-)....Jo posted lots that she has made yesterday and I've nearly finished my first 7 dresses of this year. :-) We will get there :-) :-)
    A x

  2. These dresses are absolutely adorable and I'm so impressed by how many you've collected. I'm still really keen to get involved - as soon as I get a rare free moment I'm raiding my airing cupboard!

  3. Oh what a fab little collage of dresses that is Louise! Another 40 are on their way to you - posted on Monday. There will be lots of very happy little girls out there soon! x Jo

  4. Oh i'm so inspired looking at all these lovelies - come half term when I can breathe again I'll get the machine out.......!

  5. Just as soon as my arm is ou of its splint I wil be back in busines. Hugs Mrs A


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