Thursday, 8 December 2011

Sew Scrumptious in dress shocker!!

I went to Cheltenham last week-end with my friend Laura. We stayed overnight in The Big Sleep hotel and got two child free shopping days! It was fab!! Please excuse the photo we had to take one of ourselves.

We went to Raymond Blancs Brasserie Blanc restaurant for dinner. I have to say I was slightly disappointed with the food although the sticky toffee pudding I had for desert was to die for.

We did a LOT of shopping. I'm not very girly and I hardly ever wear dresses but I was tempted during this shopping trip and egged on by my partner in crime I did actually buy one. Here is the evidence. What do you think? I love it. The fabric is really soft and its really pretty with a Cath Kidston like pattern. It covers everything up and looks ok with tights and boots. Perfect!

We didn't stay out late partying but went back to the hotel and lay in our beds under the duvets drinking wine and eating maltesers whilst chatting. It was so much fun.

Laura was the brains behind our recent cake stall success and is a baking genius! I'm not sure I showed you photos from her daughters recent 'bug' themed birthday party. She has such great ideas. The fake grass on the table looked great.

 Bug cupcakes

A beautiful bug birthday cake

Worms in jelly!
 Marshmallow cakepops with butterfly sprinkles

The birthday girl Amelia with Izzy

She even did bug themed party buckets instead of party bags with snail biscuits, more worms in jelly, a bug pot etc. She should write a blog!

Jon had the horrible task of clearing out his parents house recently. He came home with a big wooden box which turned out to be this gorgeous vintage Singer sewing machine. Its a lovely thing to have inherited. I can't wait to see if I can get it working. Anyone else have an old Singer?

I finally did a bit more sewing. A Nintendo DS case for Izzy's friend Sawyer. This is similar to the one I made Izzy only it has a thing that he can attach it to his jeans rather than a wrist strap which I much prefer. Its padded again to protect the DS if it gets dropped.

its lined in a navy blue fabric

with more pockets for his games. I hope he likes it!

I also made some little hair clip tidies for my mum to give as presents.

I received a gorgeous parcel from a lovely online craft shop called Pur-ple today. All packaged up in cute little paper bags. Firstly some buttons and charms

lovely postcards and bakers twine

The lovely lady at Purple also sent a few little extras too. How lovely is that?

I love these charms. So cute!

I also bought a lovely little owl door stop for my friend Debi

All such good value too. I really recommend checking out the website. Couldn't resist adding this photo of Izzy and Sam tonight. Looking cute just before Sam poked Izzy in the eye and World War 3 started!


  1. Another really lovely post Louise. Love your old singer machine....I have 2 old ones like that but neither actually work :-(
    A x

  2. Yes I have an old singer, it works and is lovely, I don't use it often as its not fast enough! How funny I need to make DS cases and that style is just what I had in mind - I also have some geeky fabric to use for them!

  3. It looks like you had a great weekend with Laura!

    I've got my Mum's old Singer like that, but it doesn't work.

    I love the Nintedo DS case you made, great fabric.

  4. Hi Louise ~ I am lucky enough to have two old singers like that, one was my Mothers and the other belonged to my Nan. If you check the serial number on it, usually on a brass plate somewhere, and go here, you will find out the date of manufacture for the machine you have. Both of mine are still in working order, and I have made some cloth bags on one of them as recently as last year. Such a beautiful machine to own.

  5. Glad you had a fab time in Cheltenham - love the dress!
    The Singer is lovely, I have one very similar to it which my nan bought me as my first sewing machine when I was about 8. I love that smell of wood and oil - which sounds a bit gross but i'm sure you know what I mean :)
    Looking forward to catching up on all your posts and getting involved in the pillowcase dress project once the making madness of Christmas has settled down :)
    Thanks again for commenting on my flower cushion! x

  6. Thanks so much for the prezzies. Sawyer's DS bag is utterly brilliant. Love the fabric! He uses it everyday - that is the new DS home! & perfect for the games so all in one place without the big bulky boxes. LOVE my owl!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's perfect. &the badge. Have wanted one for ages, thanks so much. The picture of Amelia & Izzy is gorgeous. Laura is a baking genius. The cakes are amazing xxx


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