Saturday, 17 December 2011

Once Upon a Monster!

Today we have been playing 'Sesame Street - Once Upon a Monster' a Kinect game for the Xbox 360. Now when I say 'we' what I actually mean is my other half and the children. Games are really not my thing. I don't even know how to switch the thing on! I knew the children would love to try the game though so I agreed to do a little review. You can see more here..

Izzy who is 6 absolutely loved it! I am constantly amazed at how quickly children pick up games and know how they work. She needed a bit of guidance at the start of each game (clearly not by me!) but very quickly was able to play the game with very little help. Sam was quite happy to sit and watch as was I roaring with laughter as Izzy jumped and danced her way through the game. We did try the 2 player option with both of them playing together but it was too stressful with both of them vying for space in the lounge (this says more about my children than the game!).

Izzy didn't really know the Sesame Street characters before she played the game but seemed to really enjoy them. She gave the game a 10/10 and would have happily played it for hours if allowed. It seemed like a really good entry level game for younger children and I can see Sam having a go really soon. Who knows maybe I might even have a little go over Christmas!!

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  1. Interesting - mine have played (I was sewing in another room) and were not impressed, 'we' have been reviewing games here you might or might not find it useful! I even star in a recent episode mostly saying how much I don't like xbox!


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