Wednesday, 14 December 2011

I think I have a new addiction (oh dear!)

Those of you who read my last post will know that Jon has inherited a vintage Singer sewing machine from his mum. The lovely Hilary who blogs at Lemon Loves very kindly left me a comment telling me I could date my machine by looking here. This was very exciting but once I started finding things out about my machine, it made me want to know more and now I have to admit that I am slightly obsessed with vintage Singer sewing machines generally!

Our 99k
Once I found out the year it was made, I wanted to know where it was made and what model it was so I emailed Singer in America who responded yesterday telling me that 'Our records show that serial #Y1593897 belongs to Singer Model 99K manufactured on December 13, 1923 in Clydebank, Scotland'. This makes me think that maybe Jon's mum inherited it from her mum (who is still alive at 93) so I need to investigate whether it was bought new. 

Its a hand crank

Still haven't worked out what these do!
The dates were later confirmed by the very kind Judy who runs a vintage Singer Sewing Machine Information website She told me that my  machine was part of a batch of 40,000 with a birth date of 13 December 1923. The next batch of serial numbers issued for 99K’s was on 21 June 1924 so mine would have been made between those dates. The spooky thing is that yesterday was the 13 December so it was actually the birthday of my machine which would have been built exactly 88 years ago (sort of!)

Judy has a lovely website all about Singer machines and other makes of vintage sewing machine which I found really interesting and easy to use. If you have a interest in old Vintage sewing machines then you need to have a look here. She has very kindly allowed me to use a few images from the site to share with you. The machines are just so beautiful and well made.  I am also really pleased that she was able to find me a bobbin slide plate to replace the one missing from my machine. Judy told me that her website gets over 3000 hits per month such is the popularity of these lovely machines worldwide.

I stumbled across a couple of other interesting sites too. You can find out more about the history of the Singer Sewing Machine Company generally here. This website has some lovely photos of vintage machines. I want them all! You can also find general info about Singer machines here or here. I've even managed to find a copy of the original manual for my machine to download for free! Have a look if you like - its here.


I can feel an obsession coming on. I'm already lusting over one of these!!

ebay here I come.....


  1. I have the exact bottom of that sewing machine as a table for my sewing machine. I bought it at a roadside stand 20years ago.. I ended up putting a square piece of composite board on top of the for legs ..(all the wood parts were gone.) I rest my feet on the treadle..
    I love old machines... I have a 1940's style White in a desk like cabinet.. it came with all the attachments like yours did... My goal is to make a quilt on it... It came from a high school

  2. I have 3 of these gorgeous beasts!! one of which was also manufactured in 1923 but in January and is a 15K model. I use mine with children for workshops and at school, as they can not damage them! If I could I would have more!

  3. If you go to you can date your machine. I too am quite addicted to vintage Singer sewing machines ;-)

  4. Oh Louise I am just gonna have to get my two out now to research them further aren't I? I didn't know you could actually find out so much about them. Just wish there were more hours in the day at the much to do so little time to do it in!
    Did you see all the bedding I've been given this week on my blog yesterday? will get made into little dresses I promise but not til after christmas now :-)
    A x

  5. Love vintage Singers! I've got two myself - one dates to 1893 and the other to 1917 - both picked up in charity shops for next to nothing. I love them!

    I blogged about the older one here just after I found her ...

  6. Hmm I posted a comment but its vanished :-( I suppose its because I put a link in to the singerco dot com website where under support and serial numbers you can date your sewing machine exactly. A simple search on yahoo for singer sewing machine serial numbers took me there. Its an interesting place or you could just type in your serial number and singer sewing machine into the search bar and see what comes up :-) Good luck with your addiction, I think you might need it. Oh yes summer months are fun as you can go sewing in the park with it and just think about all those curious soles who will come by and comment on it so if your making dresses its another way to spread the word. Have fun with it :-)

  7. i have an electric fifties one, with all the feet. You have a ruffler there (thats the large one that looks like it could bite your finger off!) if you don't have instructions do yell and i'll photocopy mine so you can find out what they are and how to use them. x

  8. It's gorgeous!!! It's just like the one I recently acquired through my great aunt (who is in her late 80s) except yours has a slightly different case.

    They are just so beautiful aren't they? Makes my current singer look very ugly! (I still love her though! She's electric!)

  9. Beautiful machines, would love to own one, I can see why they could become an addiction. Many years ago I had a hand sewing machine which had a 'long' shuttle.
    Carol xx

  10. I have my great grandmother's (still has the 1929 receipt for £9!) and my great, great grandmother's machine (precursor to the singer). I also have another one I bought at a car boot sale for £10. It's fair to say I love them too! :-)

  11. Like the other people commenting who own old machines I'm clearly going to have to check mine out on the sites you suggest!

  12. Oh wow, I love that you have followed this up, and found out so much ... you are right, it is addictive and they are beautiful. So glad I popped in here this afternoon, reading this has made my day! :)

  13. Thanks everyone. You can feel the Singer love out there in blogland!! Would love to see photos of peoples old sewing machines!

  14. Mines a 99K too, came from my husbands work - an old mental asylum, possibly confiscated from a patient due to sharps! See this site for a little something you might like and she's local to you too!

  15. 15k, 1909 but very pimped. I have an overlocker as supporting cast but everything I make is made on my straight stitch treadle Singer. For details of how to take spanners to your machine and keep it running sweetly, see


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