Thursday, 1 December 2011

All I want for Christmas is...

I've been doing some online window shopping over the last few days and I want, no make that I need, all of the following things for Christmas. (Actually some of them I already have but you might want them too!). Make sure you leave this post open on your computer for your husband or partner to see (or just tell them to buy it for you!). My top 20 sewing related Christmas gift ideas are as follows....

1) A 'Mollie Makes' subscription. If you subscribe at the moment you get a beautiful fabric pack from The Makery included which is worth £36!! A subscription for Mollie Makes costs £24.24 for 6 months. Its a fab magazine full of inspiring ideas

2) I love this 'English Rose' Fabric and Ribbon Gift Set from Seamstar (£25)

The tin includes 4 fabrics each measuring 50cmx55cm (1meter in total); Large Rose Trim 1 meter; Fat Crochet Trim 1 meter; Decorative Ric Rac 1 meter; 8 meters of 10mm ribbon; and 4 meters of 3mm ribbon. Gorgeous

3) How about a Fabric Hamper also from Seamstar. This one is a bit more pricey at £52 but look what you get! I got a smaller one of these last year and it was gorgeous! You can see it here. Such a lovely present to receive.

This one contains 12 different pieces of fabric with a quirky theme (3meters overall); 24 meters of ribbon; and 10% off your next order voucher. All wrapped in tissue paper in a beautiful box which you can keep after to store your bits and bobs. I can definitely recommend!

4) I am also lucky enough to have one of these gorgeous mannequins from I love Vintage Mannequins (£79.95). My lovely sisters in law bought me one for my 40th birthday and they are fab. Have a peep at mine here. Really great quality and so pretty.
5) I am definitely adding this Buttons and Charms Gift Set from pur-ple (£10.75) to my wish list. Fantastic price and who wouldn't want a box full of buttons and charms. It doesn't get any better!

6) I also love these Button Stamps from Skull and Cross Buns £8.50. So cute and perfect for making little tags.

7) This personalised sewing machine card from Cotswold Artisan Soap Company is gorgeous. It doesn't have to say Happy Birthday either. You can choose the words on the front and inside. They also make really pretty soap! The card costs £5.95

8) Fabric Rehab have lots of gorgeous fabric bundles which would be perfect as a Christmas gift. I love this spotty one called 'Brighton Rock' but they have lots of bigger and smaller bundles which are equally as cute. Note to any men reading this. We love fabric. We can NEVER have enough fabric. NEVER! Check out Fabric Rehab. This one costs £9.99

9) I must be psychic because I KNOW that I am going to get this 'I love Sewing' cotton reel holder for Christmas from my children. Mainly because I bought it for myself at the week-end and just told my other half this was my gift from them. He is happy that he doesn't have to shop for something and I am happy. Result! Its from The Makery and is a bargainous £10

10) I really would like this for Christmas too (hint hint). Its a Singer Buttons and Trinkets Box from Dibor and costs £17.95. It would look so pretty in my sewing room.

11) I love these Jam Jar Sewing Kits too from Sew Sew (£14). Such a great idea and love the colours they have used for the pin cushions

12) Also loving these Vintage Style Wooden Spools from Gertie and Mabel (£3 each). I have so much ribbon just lying around that I could wrap around these spools. So handy and so pretty.

13) Now it may seem bit random adding a set of tiles to my list but these are THE most gorgeous tiles I have ever seen and are inspired by childhood memories of sewing patchwork squares. Seriously how gorgeous are they? I am very tempted to go and smash all the tiles in my bathroom just so I can replace them with these. I need to start saving and stop buying fabric first. One day these will be mine!! Welbeck Tiles (£160 for the set of 32)

14) This 'Happy Seamstress' charm necklace by Adrianne (£16) is gorgeous too. I can't decide which one I like the best as they are both so pretty.

15) Check out this 'I Love Sewing' print by Steph Says Hello (£12). I have this print in my sewing room and I love it. So vibrant and colourful.

16) This Pincushion Ring from Blondes Backyard is a perfect stocking filler at only £5. So sweet and really useful. I always end up with a mouth full of pins when I am making things.

17) Another great stocking filler are these Hand Covered Liberty Print Buttons from Sew Sister at only £1.25 each. Again so pretty. I just like looking at them never mind actually using them!

18) Another print I have in my sewing room is 'The Singer' Ink Drawing Print by Ink and Stylus £14. Its so lovely. I look at it every day and wish that I looked that graceful and serene when I am sewing. I'm usually swearing at my sewing machine!

19) I couldn't resist adding these sweet little sewing badges by Jings Things (£2.75) Another great little stocking filler.

20) I do like a cup of tea so this little tape measure would be perfect for me. The Tea Cup Tape Measure is from SassandBelle and costs £5.95

and finally my life is now complete. I have discovered the Portable Bobbin Winder from The Cotton Patch (£23.75). I cannot tell you how much it annoys me when my bobbin runs out half way through sewing and I have to unthread my sewing machine to wind another one. Well no more! I will just use this (if I get it for Christmas!). This has made me so happy you have no idea (I am clearly very easily pleased!) so I have had to add it as no. 21 in my list!

Well thats my Christmas list. What do you think? Do you have any favourites? Let me know if you end up getting any for Christmas!


  1. What a fantastic round up of some really gorgeous ideas. I love the button jars and those covered button are so nice, and very reasonably price. I think I'll be studying your list over the next week. Thank you.
    I'm having my first blog 'Giveaway' for the Christmas issue of Mollie Makes and one of my brooches if you would like visit my blog.
    Carol xx

  2. Wow what a fab list, I want practically everything on it - especially all the sewing related things!! That bobbin winder is genius, hehe! Love the sewing machine cotton reel holder too, will have to have a pop into The Makery again when I next go to Bath. Thanks for some great ideas :)

  3. WOW ! I WANT that bobbin winder
    and I bought that print by Ink and Stylus for my Mum - I think it was my first Folksy purchase...

  4. Oh wow, I am so tempted. I want the vintage mannequins, the ring pin cushion and the tiles, oh how I want the tiles. Sadly OH bans pretty frilly things from the house...

    Thanks so much for this great list! Michele.

  5. Some lovely things here, I feel a spot of stocking filling coming on 8o)

  6. All so lovely, i want them all! But especially like the little singer button etc box, looks just like mine that i used today:)

  7. wow, thank you so much Louise! I was just working on my wish list and now I have so many great ideas!!

  8. thanks so much for including us in your roundup :)

  9. Love this list - I knit, crochet and my passion is beadweaving but I want to learn to sew.

    I attended a one hour Christmas Stocking workshop at the Harrogate Knitting and Stitching Show and loved it.

    (you can see a pic of it on my blog - I'm so proud and it is now hanging in my livingroom !)

  10. I have added quite a few things to my list now after reading that!! thanks for finding and sharing so many wonderful things. The girl who runs Gertie and Mabel is a friend of mine, small world or what!!! Have a lovely Christmas Louise and I hope you get everything on your list.


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