Saturday, 12 November 2011

The world of the Lite Sprites!

One of the perks of blogging is being asked to review products and I couldn't resist trying out 'Lite Sprites' as I knew that Izzy would combust with excitement at the chance of playing with little fairies that actually change colour! We were sent a lovely box full of Lite Sprite items to review.

Lite Sprites are basically little fairy like creatures which light up. One sprite can change the colour of another and you can also change their colour by using the special Lite Wand. The Lite Wand can also capture colour from other things like a favourite tshirt or book and then change the Sprites to that particular colour - now that is magic! We were also given the Tree of Life which is where the Sprites hang out in their pods, it spins around, lights up and plays music. Its quite hard to explain how it all works so have a look here. They explain it much better than me!

The Lite Sprites were a huge success. Izzy (age 6) and her cousin Isla (age 4) loved playing with them (although also spent quite a lot of time fighting over them too!). Sam (age 3) has also enjoyed making them change colour and Izzy's other cousin who is 8 also joined in for a play so they appeal to a wide age range.

There is also a naughty Sprite who can steal all the colour and change them to white!

They look really pretty when they are all lit up particularly now it gets dark earlier so you get the real effect of the colours. Izzy has been doing lots of imaginative play with the set and even said she likes them more than her Nintendo DS. Praise indeed!! As a parent I like the fact there are not hundreds of small bits with this toy and it is pretty easy for younger children to use too. You can find out where to buy Lite Sprites in the UK here.

The only negative thing I would say is that you need a LOT of batteries to get it all working. These are not supplied and we needed an emergency trip to the shops to get some. I also have to mention the amount of packaging it comes in. Do we really need all this packaging??

Izzy loved it though and keeps going back to play with it again and again which is the best recommendation you can have I guess. You can check out the Lite Sprites website here.


  1. Looks like a lot fun was had by all. Should be one of the best sellers for this Christmas. Hugs Mrs A.

  2. This looks great fun! Shame about all the packaging otherwise could have been a great Christmas gift for our grand daughters in Germany :( Maybe when they come over by car sometime - or we drive over there. Thanks for a super idea. Di xx


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